Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gmarket Again...

I'm thinking of doing a cosmetics/ jewelry haul from Gmarket. I know i know i'm so bad. So far definitely going to try out Etude House's Tangerine line. Haven't decided if I want to order from other companies, or rather I have no idea what to order. Any of you seen anything interesting from other cosmetics/ skincare companies for me to check out?

Also haven't decided whether or not to include readers from the US in on this spree or not yet. I mean I think the last one went pretty smoothly, unlike the first batch, but to have to be responsible for people's orders if something goes wrong.. ehhh... maybe if enough people try convincing me. I can say that there definitely won't be hauling of super large items like heavy jackets/ other clothes, etc though. I think smaller items keep us more under the radar from customs.

This seller especially has a lot of cute earrings that I'm going to order.

I'll order within a week. It takes me so long to really decide on what all I want.