Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream- #2 + New Shoes + How Can I Get Rid of Freckles??

FINALLY! Am I right? haha. Today I have a BB Cream by Skinfood to show you. It's the Aloe Sun BB cream in #2 Natural Beige or something- spf 20 PA+. This is not a new bb cream and has been reviewed by many other people, some of you may even already have this product. But it's a first for me so I thought I'd give my 2 cents on the product.

Skinfood is a korean skin product brand that I've heard of for quite a few years now. I've been itching to try some of their bb creams but unfortunately there are none on Gmarket, and I don't know how to order from other places. I happened by one of their stores in Asia and thought I just had to pop in. I was greeted with "Annyunghaseyo!" (or however it's spelled). Immediately my heart dropped and I panicked as I tore through my brain trying to see if my limited korean from watching kdrama would suffice. Luckily they continued in the local language -__- (which I'm not that great in either- it never occurred to me previous that I really don't know cosmetic vocabulary *Gasp!*). But luckily they understood BB Cream *sigh of relief*. They then proceeded to ask me if my skin has any allergies or dryness. I was kind of zoning out and said "no". The salesperson looked at my skin and said "it's not dry...?" oops. I quickly corrected myself and told her that my skin is on the dry side (I guess it's very obvious). And the salespeople in asia are very polite so she quickly flattered me to the best of her ability saying that she can tell my skin is good otherwise because my cheeks are pink even without blush. (My guess is that she was thinking if I did apply blush that I applied it haphazardly, lol.)

     I was weary letting this sales lady help me because it was obvious whatever she was wearing on her face was too light on her. I know people like to have lighter skin in asia, but you can really only go so far out of your natural color range before it becomes glaringly obvious that your foundation/ bb cream is not meant for you. Anyhow, then she asked me if I wanted a natural color or lighter. I said natural- just felt safer; even though I don't mind if it can take me lighter a bit. Then she asked me if I wanted thin coverage or thick coverage- I said thin, I have no idea why. Anybody can see that I need thick coverage. Maybe it's because I was feeling pressure from my family standing there as well. They were not happy to be in that store and didn't hold back on showing it. I was so completely embarrassed. I wish I had asked her what to get if I wanted thick coverage too.

     So she pointed me to the Aloe Sun and said it was one of their best sellers. I also picked up their salmon concealer WHICH I LOVE YOU HAVE TO GET IT. I had planned to review that as well but can't find it, so next time. I'll tell you the rest of the story in that post as well so look forward to it.



     I wasn't sure if I should get the natural or lighter color so I just let the salesperson help me with that. If you can get access to a Skinfood store, I highly suggest having their opinion on things. These products are by no means cheap, so you don't want to have spent $20 and have the whole thing go to waste. She picked #2 Natural Beige for me. Another blogger has noted that the #2 of Skinfood colors tend to be more on the pink side, and #1 tends to have more of a yellow tinge. My suggestion is to go with color tones over the whole "light" or "dark" thing. If you have the wrong color on, it's going to be a lot more obvious than having a different lightness of color.
     I did find the #2 to have a pinkish tone to it. The color actually matches really well with my skin. I have a neutral skin tone, but if you've read my lipstick reviews then you know it prefers cool tones over warm tones.
     I didn't include a picture of just the bb cream because I feel it is not quite accurate. We all know that the great thing about bb creams is that they tend to blend in and adjust with your skin tone. With first application it looks like it won't be the right color, but when fully applied it turns out fine. Over time you can see that the finish becomes more and more natural (sorry! I didn't do a swatch on how it looks over time this time).
     Oh! Almost forgot, I also like how this doesn't have a grayish cast to the bb cream. I understand that the gray is to help cancel out yellow and make your skin look more pale, but my skin is neutral in color, and the gray just makes me look gray (I look sickly or something)


     If you remember way back, I had wanted a liquid bb cream because my skin seems to be getting dryer and with the addition of my Magic BB balm, it becomes super dry and flaky looking (yuck!). Well this one doesn't dry out my skin or make it oily at all! When I feel over the applied areas, it almost feels just like how the rest of my skin feels. Very light in texture.


     I would consider this maybe half coverage of my scars? You can see for yourself. Sorry about the one blurry picture. Imo, this is something when you want light coverage for everyday wear. For me I wear when I feel like I'm just going out to the grocery store- just enough to not scare people with my scars. And when I know there won't be pictures taken or anyone to impress ;D. I do find that it takes care of redness pretty well.


     Sorry to scar your eyes like this, but I figured there are probably a lot of people who have it just as bad or worse that me and you need to see what will work and what won't. Seems like my skin is getting progressively worse =/. I also have not done any editing to the area of interest. I especially note this because I've seen some posts where people will say "I haven't edited this in any way. I've only adjusted the lighting of the picture." UHMMMM HELLO?! When you adjust the lighting of the picture that throws off the colors entirely. For those people I read what they have to say and have to ignore the pictures. They're no longer believeable. ENLARGE BY CLICKING.

EDIT: So I finally got around to taking a picture of the after. It's not an accurate comparison to the above since I might not have put on the exact same amount of bb cream, but I figured I'd post anyways. This is after 12 hours. You can see that it has worn away a bit, but it also has blended in further with my skin- doesn't even really look like I'm wearing anything. My skin is dry right now, so this bb cream is great because you can see that it doesn't even look very very dry.


And a segway into how to get rid of freckles. Well, I don't know how to get rid of them, but I was hoping one of you might! >.< Now I know many of you may say oh there's no need to get rid of them, freckles are beautiful on people. That may be true of my Caucasian friends, but for us orientals- well if you've ever seen a completely freckled oriental, it looks like some disease just took over the face. It's something about the brown freckles that come in splotches. I can say this because my mom is a living example (due to an unfortunate encounter with strong sun and no sunscreen one day).
     While people praise the light skin that I've inherited from my mom's side, it also comes with an unfortunately easy to freckle tendency. Genetics, hah. less melanin distribution normally, but patches of melanin in unfortunate areas. Scabs usually fall off to reveal a new overpigmented mole. They're multiplying every day.
     Soooo.... I would like to find something that can reduce their appearance. (You can see them in my swatch pic above). If you've tested a product and found it to work then let me know! I was going to say email  me, but I think other readers could benefit from this information too. Oh, and preferably around $20 or less (I know, it's a tight budget). Up to $40 max please. I really have no money left.


     Just sharing my latest Marshalls buy. Sofft shoes! Usually their styles I feel are more geared towards the mid aged/ older population, but they have a couple younger generation stuffs. I was debating between a 7.5 and 8, the 7.5 is my usual size and it was $10 cheaper than the 8 for some reason. But these i feel pinch slightly at the toes and recently i've been feeling like my feet swell at least half size by the end of the day. I took them both up to the cashier and luckily they adjusted the price of the 8s for me! They are a little long in the back, but the straps will keep them on my feet! ^^

I think I'll wear them to the new years celebration tonight!

Until next time my lovelies!

Friday, January 27, 2012

PG Mall Bags!

Hihi! Ok I said BB cream post but... this will not be it. It's so time consuming and well, I don't have enough yet. BUT I am due for one, so hopefully I can have one up within a week.

    INSTEAD, I thought I'd share about a couple PGMall Bags I got in asia! You may remember, but I tried getting one from YesAsia before (the checkered one), but that didn't turn out the way I thought it would. And it costed me 3x the price. BUT in Asia, it's so much cheaper. I think these two were ~$6-10 apiece. They had some lottery thing where you can get up to ~$3 off, which would've helped a lot! I got to draw twice, so I had the potential to get one bag free. BUT... you know how my luck goes, and I ended up with the equivalent of maybe 30 cents on one ticket, and nothing on the other.

     At the actual store, I got to feel out the bags and their quality. Although a lot of the bags are cute, they're made of material that won't last. I settled on a larger brown bag- in case i ever needed to transport something or stayover a night. There's an additional longer strap inside. And a gray bag. I think they're both very nice ^^. One thing that bothered me in the store is that the two times I was there... they kept playing this one song "Baby I'm your porn star, I'm your porn star, hahh haahh" I think it's Cargo's Pornstar. It's probably because no one else could understand the lyrics that they didn't mind. It was only awkward for me.

Also, recently, I've been not doing well in regards to my future. So if you could throw a few prayers my way they'd be much appreciated. Thank you!