Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring: No.7 Mocha Pink

Finally tried the Etude House hair dye!

They include a cape too. Although, it's really basic -___-. I just tied the two corners together.

First time using both a liquid dye and peroxide (35%).

The pump is actually really nice. If you can see the picture in the back, the hole is for you to put the pump through. Maybe I'm just dumb, but it doesn't fit and I don't know how to use it.

Didn't see that they had instructions in English too, until I finished. That's really cool actually.

I really like this formula. It bubbles a lot and is very plush. It doesn't burn or have any bad smells. Easy to apply, and didn't drip everywhere. You have to make sure to clean off excess dye though. It started staining after 10 minutes. It's my cleanest dye application yet! But then things started getting weird.

The bubbles started turning a really dark color, and the box color was scaring me. I started thinking that I might have the wrong color by accident, but the color on the box is slightly pink...

When I washed my hair, it felt so damaged I didn't dare to mess with it much. I put in all of the treatment and it was like magic. My hair came to life again. I gently combed through, and when I rinsed, clumps of hair came out and clogged the drain. Ah, the pain of beauty.

Then my worse fears were confirmed. Not only does the shade not match the box, but it actually darkened my hair to black! Well, the roots were lightened a little, but the ends became so dark.

Hair before: roots and ends are clearly not the same color

Hair after: Much Much darker. I suppose I should be thankful roots and ends are basically the same color now -__-

What scares me most is that this was such a light color on the box. If it turns out this dark, what is the much darker Wine Red going to look like?! Even if you say that hair is darkest when first dyeing, it shouldn't be this extreme. I will have to try and shampoo out as much as possible.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Highlighters!: Etude House Golden Ratio #02 Pink & Tony Moly Crystal Light Pink Beam (No.01)

Many of you have probably been highlighting/contouring with your makeup for ages now. I've just begun. We all know of Benefit's famous liquid highlighters, but I wanted to take a look at a couple korean ones.

As you can see, the Etude House one is much much larger than the Tony Moly. It's actually quite huge.

Tony Moly's highlighter comes in a quaint glass bottle. As other bloggers have noted, it does give it a more elegant feel.

Etude House also has another cream highlighter on top. I think someone said this is for the eyes or something.

Comparison: Tony Moly on the top, Etude House in the middle, and Etude House cream on the bottom.
Both have a liquidy texture.
Blended out, the Tony Moly is more visible, the Etude House has a more natural looking effect. The Etude House cream one has the most shimmer though.

I tried this on my face and decided that the Tony Moly was best for highlighting cheek area. It may be because I'm pretty light already, so the Etude House doesn't really look like much. I supposed I could try the cream Etude House instead though. For highlighting forehead and chin, Etude House worked best. The Tony Moly gave it an unnatural sheen that you wouldn't see for those areas.

The swatches are blended out to the left.

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Lipstick: Pk005, BE101, Pk008

On the whole, I'm a fan of Etude House lipsticks. The formula is non-drying, and the pigmentation is fairly good. Admittedly their new line wasn't that appealing to me at first, but I thought, "What the heck". The Dear My Blooming Lips line's concept is that there are 24 shades you can choose from depending on your "mood of the day".

I selected PK005 & BE101 which are supposedly their "Hot colors". In addition, I picked up PK008.

Look at the cute logo stamp ^^

The packaging overall is a bit on the teenage childish side. The lipstick however, I find to be very moisturizing.

PK005: Looks a lot brighter in the tube. Applies a bit more subtly, but still eye catching. It can look a little uneven in application if you're not careful.

BE101: Warm nude, good for and autumn color. Wasn't what I was really going for. If this suits you, email me $7 shipped in the US.

PK008: It looks rose mauve in the tube, but applies closer to a fuchsia. Most excited about this color. I just lost one of my favorite cool toned lipsticks, so it's nice to have something to hold me over until I get it replaced. I was also contemplating getting Butter London's Primrose Hill Picnic, but I think this is pretty close. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

GMarket Haul: It's Here!

Hi my lovelies~

     It's been a long while since I've done much but beauty subscription box reviews. This post is to welcome back reviews of other things. =D

Today I got a nice surprise. Turns out the mailman does knock when leaving packages. I've long suspected that they just leave the "attempted delivery" notice and don't bother coming to the door.

GMarket has returned to putting random item values on the boxes. Whew.

 Etude House really lavished each item with bubble wrap. At least four layers for each item. I used to wonder why people would bother shipping hair dye over. Seems like a heavy waste of money. But then I got curious about the products myself XD. The boxes are much larger than that of those here in the US. I think I will try using Mocha Pink first since my hair is drastically different at the roots. The pink and green boxes are extras.

You want to know what's in the pink box right? ;) It's a bit of a disappointment. I purposely only bought a certain amount because I wanted the other body wash or whatever set to try. Guess they ran out or something. Normally this would be a nice gift, but I already got this green set last time. Still haven't even used it.

Got a bag! Aw, I should've checked the dimensions better. This is way thin. The material is of a nice heft though. Doesn't feel too cheap. It has an attachable shoulder strap. Scissors for size reference.

This was a HUGE disappointment. First of all, I'm pretty sure I ordered gray. This looks like a beige. It doesn't seem that bad from the photo, but in real life it looks awkward. Even more disappointing than that is the fabric. It looks like it's made out of potato sack. The material is so coarse. For ~$30, this is not what I should be getting. If you said $10-$15 I might just chalk it up to being unlucky. This is downright swindling people!

To be extra sure, I took the vest into natural light? Is anyone seeing gray? If so, let me know, we can go to the eye dr. together. I implore you to look at the button, which is clearly brown.

The blazer was also a disappointment. You said this is your best seller? HA! The proportions aren't right on this thing, it's too short and wide. I ordered the same size as above. The material is even coarser than the vest above. It's actually stiff. And so so thin. I knew it was a bit thin from pictures, but this is ridiculous. The buttons are also not what I imagined, very cheap looking. That's not a big problem because I can exchange them, but the actual blazer is total junk. I ordered this after falling in love with the same style on a drama. Looks nothing like it.

 The green book is an album for mini instax photos. Very happy with it ^^. Looks exactly like what I wanted. The bows are all as expected. I saw the free gift bow and was like.. what is this? I didn't order this. I wouldn't order this... I think the coolest item is probably the huge circle clip thingy. There's also a Tony Moly highlighter.

The shoes are supposed to be pink leather. It looks more like nude pink instead of the bright cute happy pink I was expecting. The cut is also a bit strange so it looks like it's made for a granny. They give you padding. It's thoughtful, but looks strange if you use it because the toe area of the shoe will be white.

Overall I'm satisfied with half my order, and hate the other half. I will review the cosmetics and such later on. It's a shame that the items I dislike most are the most expensive -___-. Apparently it's best to stick with ordering cosmetics and small accessories from GMarket. I have always seen other people ordering apparel and thought "wow.. that's so ugly" while the blogger gushed about how much they loved the product. I'm convinced there's just not really anything worth getting from the apparel department. For me at least.

This order left me feeling a bit empty (not even that many freebies), so I will be placing another one next month. That one will be focused more on cosmetics and little random things. First I want to see if they'll refund me for the wrong vest though.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Glance at Allure October 2012

This month's magazine is especially thick. As with the previous glance at Allure posts, it will not contain pretty pictures. Just ones for illustratory purposes.

I've never been a fan of Blake Lively. It's not that I hate her (don't know her, how could I?), just not especially interested. Heard she got secretly married? Congrats I guess?

Lancome La vie est belle: There's a certain youthful sophistication to this scent. Perfumy scent (not cloying), with a hint of sweetness underneath.

Is it bad I wish her a haircut instead?

One of the most irkful things are homewreckers. Just the idea of them gets me so mad! Really don't understand the "Beauty by Numbers" title of this page. There is nothing beautiful about a third wheel.

There's so little of the sample you can't really tell how much "lifting" it does. Texture is ok. My skin is still a bit dry. Doesn't smell very nice- like chemically/ unscented.

These are cute.

For some reason the Musts are more appealing than the Lusts. Except for that bag down at the left and the shoes on the right.

Eyes shot right to the top left.

Such cute bags. The tangerine color was more for summer though, we're moving into fall with the cobalt blues now. Maybe this is pumpkin colored for October? Favorites are the Tory Burch in the upper right, the Miu Miu right below, and the kate spade at the lower left.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir: Such a lovely scent. Unintrusive. Just as the description says, my first impression is that it's graceful and sophisticated. There's a certain power with that grace. More passive aggressive than aggressive. Elegant. This floral would be a night scent for me. Later in the magazine it says that this is named for a flower without much of a scent, but instead smells of roses and irises. 

This little article was surprisingly an interesting read. I personally don't know much about alcohol. It's sad that an effective pickup technique is to go through the target's friend. The friend must feel so used. And you would pay $26 for a Long Island Ice Tea?

Jimmy Choo Parfums: This one made me giggle for some reason. It says "Imagine Femininity, luxury and style... Bottled". Definitely feminine. I got the "I'm on the prowl" message from this scent. It smells like someone out to have fun, flirt, whatnot. Don't really know how to describe the main scent, but it has a hint of fruity undertones.

L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB: I'm purposely leaving this in here until I can review it this time! Last time I took it out, and now it's disappeared. Look forward to the review in the next few weeks.

Marc Jacobs Daisy: MJ makes the cutest packaging. My friend recently got the Daisy Marc Jacobs and I've been wanting to take a whiff. Daisy Marc Jacobs is supposed to be "Sunny. Happy. Free". Smells like a simple floral. light. I found Daisy Eau So Fresh to be hilarious. It's supposed to be Exhilarating, Bubbly, Playful, but it smells like one of my hair dyes instead. Maybe the John Frieda one.

Most people don't pull off extreme hair color well. It's mostly "might as well" or "just feel like it" (nothing wrong with that I guess)

Katy Perry on the other hand, pulls it off beautifully. Her hair is extreme, but it always looks like hair with a purpose- polished, not sloppy. Love it. Kudos to her and her hair stylist.

The Best of Beauty. I was wishing that they would do swatches of the items, but on a separate page far away they have the master list of products with photos. I'd really like to try the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner. This Coastal Scents one is smudging like crazy.

I absolutely love the Ponds cleansing wipes. The little nubs help me to really scrape off (if necessary) makeup. They're also gentle enough to use for the eyes, and take off waterproof makeup nicely as well. ^^. Oh look, Givenchy's Dahlia Noir is on the Fragrance list.

Loving the hair and makeup.

...this may be one for child services.

Somehow this one is not ok, and yet ok at the same time.