Friday, July 30, 2010

Paint those Lashes!

Hehehe, so finally I am done with my comparison trial period for all three mascaras.

The above on the left eye (your left) is Blinc's Kiss Me mascara in Purple (the right side is the natural lashes). The lashes only receive the slightest purple tinge visible in light only. As you can see, there's not much volumizing or lengthening action, but it does define your lashes. The formula is thin so it gives a more natural look no matter how much you coat it it won't clump. Because the formula is so we, I find it often weighs lashes down post curling. Also the texture is crispy because of the coating tubes. For some reason, last night I went to sleep with it on by accident, and when I woke up my right eye (the left one in the picture) was slightly irritated and itchy. No idea why that would be. I'm not usually sensitive to anything or allergic. Just thought I'd note that for some of you who have super sensitive skin.

Now I've read many reviews where girls will cry about how hard this is to take off and how they lie to you. YOU ARE DUMB. I don't know why you would have such a hard time taking it off, it's really easy. Hold a scoopful of warmer than lukewarm water to your lashes for a few seconds and you should see the mascara swelling and it will just slide right off. I like to just take a shower, then I don't have to do any thing and the tubes will wash off while you are taking a shower. And look like the below pic:

Now for Kanebo Kate. I got two, the Dollish and the Frame Impact Volume one. Oops, forgot to add the pic of the Dollish wand- will do that later.

The wand of the Volume one... omg I love this. At first it's hard to get used to, since it has such a broad side, but it does exactly what the instructions say it will do. Steps are: Curl lashes, then
1. Coat lashes with broad side of wand- wand should be arch like "n". For this step I like to just pull it out instead of doing the side to side because i feel like if you do side to side it gets chunky
2. Flip the wand over so that it's now "U" (top pic of wand) shape: This helps to curl the lashes up- IT REALLY WORKS!! =D

For the dollish, the brush is like a cone, and it's good for defining. The dollish gives a more whimsical look imo.

They both lengthen and volumize, the dollish has the lashes bending here and there while the volume one is more going out straight (see pics)
For these pics, I DIDN'T use a lash curler. Primarily because I can't find my lash curler, which is why I really really really love the Volume one because it curls your lashes up for you . You can see the Dollish doesn't do such a nice job with the lifting.

I'm sorry about the messy applications - haven't used mascara in 2 years..yea.


At first I was like omg, perfect mascara, it's waterproof, sweatproof, smudgeproof, flakeproof, buuuutt.... I tested it out for longer and it actually does flake- after you leave it on for maybe >10 hrs it will start to just a tiny bit, a flake here and there. It's mostly due to it's less stiff formula (than Blinc) so it comes off in chunks more- even when you're washing it off it's more broken up than the Blinc. This might not be the one for those who are rubbing their eyes constantly either. BUT I'm ok with it because lashes are more touchable than the Blinc and if I'm going to go out again for the night then I'll just wash it off and reapply- problem solved! I just hope it doesn't become like the Fiberwig and flake sooner as it dries. I really can't stand flaking like that.

EDIT: apparently it smudges the intsy-ist bit on me. put the dollish on my lower lashes and all the oil made a little smudge. 'twas fine on just my top ones though.

The removal process is the same as Blinc- wash off with warmer than lukewarm water (soak for a few seconds) again I like the shower. No work necessary.

You may be wondering well how is it waterproof if it comes off with water? well, read carefully, I said warmer than lukewarm (40 deg C is what they say) so if it's cold rain then you're fine. And usually they require slight pressure to come off. I suppose if you cry really hot tears and the lashes are submerged and pressed together then they might come off....human body temp is 37 deg so that'd have to be really hot tears.

Again I've read forums where girls cry about how hard these are to get off. ^ DUH you morons, read the instructions!

All three of these are Kanebo Kate Frame Impact Volume after ~11hrs. And I napped really long on the eye that's flaked. See the curl though? My lashes aren't even the type to stick straight out, they stick straight down, so I can assure you this is a big change.

Hmm...maybe i"ll try the dollish today to switch things up a bit

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Perfect Red Lipstick

The title may be misleading because you might think that I've found it, when in actuality I haven't. In fact, I'm on the quest (and have been for the past 2 years) to find my perfect red.

I've scaled the internet and come across some statements that other bloggers make such as "Some people say only some skin tones can wear red, but that's not true! Here are some tips on how to wear red lipstick" or "Asian skin like mine can wear any red!" and these statements are simply not completely true. The first statement was made by a blogger basically claiming that everyone can wear red with those easy tips, but the thing that you can't pass over is that you have to find the right red, and that can be hard for some of us. To the second blogger, I'm your counterexample. In case you haven't figured it out by now, I'm Asian. The thing though is that while my skin is supposedly warm undertoned, it's relatively light and prefers makeup for neutral tones (concealer). My skin also has no problems with pulling off cool colored blush- to a certain extent (magenta pink is undesireable).

So now for red lipstick (I'm talking real red lipstick, not like orange or pink). People say cooler red lipsticks can make your teeth appear white and more bluish. Am I the only exception? Because cooler reds make my teeth look at least 3 shades yellower, to the point where when I wear those cooler shades I have to keep my mouth closed at all times (this even goes for the lip colors that I bought at Inglots a while ago and if I let the Tony Moly tint for too long).

If I wear warmer shades of lipsticks, like the Autumn gift lipstick my mother got from Elizabeth Arden, my whole face seems to turn a shade more orange. So what is a girl to do at this point?

I've been looking around for a while now, but yesterday at the mall, having been forced onto a sales associate at Sephora by a friend, I decided to seriously look for one and test out the reds they have there. From my gathered experience, I can't wear lipsticks that have this brightness to them. Like if you wipe off the lipstick and your tissue's got this hot pink residue on it- those usually are no good. I need a subdued color.

I thought I found the one in the Stila aisle with this lipcolor called Lover which I thought was ok but could be even a shade darker. My friend agreed the swatch looked nice, so i decided to try it on. O.O o my goodness! the red just popped right out of my face. My friend was also surprised at the outcome. I guess for some reason my coloring just emphasizes and brightens colors.

So from what I've gathered I need a darker red. Unfortuantly most darker reds are made darker by adding brown, and I dislike that. I want something that's like a true red with black added to deepen the color.

I even passed by the MAC counter and there didn't seem to be any there that resembled what I'd like. Although I must admit I didn't swatch them, and most of these lipsticks look differently swatched than in the tube.

I also went to the Shiseido counter thinking that maybe they know asian skin tones better, no such luck.

Now you may be thinking why are you just looking at department stores? Why not the drugstores? They have a huge selection of colors. Firstly, I just want one really good red lipstick so I actually don't mind splurging a bit for it. Secondly, I find that drugstore lipsticks usually don't have the same level of quality.

BUT that being said, if you have any specific suggestions on what lippies may be the color that I'm searching for, then I'll gladly accept all suggestions dept store or drug store.

I came home and decided to google swatches of lipcolors and picked up a few possibilities (still have to see them in store) They range from MAC to Poppy King to Clinique. But none of them seemed spot on. I even googled with words such as "Goth blood red lipstick" no offense to the goths but hey, anything to get me the color I want.

I came to the conclusion that maybe what I have to do is find a darker lip pencil for a base then just put whatever color on top. =/ we'll see.

Still at a loss, so any suggestions? Here's a pic of the color I'm generally going for. It's hard because it can look that way swatched, and look completely different on my lips. The circled areas ^^

EDIT: HOLD THE SAUSAGES! I THINK I MAY HAVE FOUND IT, the electric currant COURTESY OF SASQUATCHSWATCH! I'll still need to go try it to confirm, but for now! O.O How does she swatch all of those o.O I hope it's not swatching in the store and putting them back... and it's drugstore!!! yipee!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally! Review of Banila Co Blushes

I know I said that I would do mascaras before, but I already have pictures of the blushes on my computer so I figured this would be easier.

I got the Love Letter blush and the one called Delight from Banila Co's Tokyo Scandal line.

Love letter is on the left and Delight is on the right with their respective swatches. The two on the bottom are the Clio Blushes that I reviewed earlier. I wanted to put them all together so you can get an idea of their color and pigmentation.

In case you're wondering why my Love Letter blush looks like that, it's because it came broken! all except for that center piece was completely powdered. I had to email Gmarket about it. They said they gave me a full refund, but I forgot to check.

The Delight has the super cute artwork from the line and it also has the plastic protector that the Clio blushes have (I forget if the Love Letter had one, but I'm thinking no). The underside of the lid for Delight is also a mirror.

Both blushes come with brushes. I've compared the Banila Co brushes with the Clio ones.The banila co ones are thinner and therefore feel a bit softer when applying the blushes. 

I must come right out and say it, I don't like these very much. They're ok, and I'll still use them, but really these come out more as highlighters. Your face will be shiny. This is extremely disappointing to me because I've been looking forward to these ever since I saw a few other people blogging about it and I really wanted to like these. I guess their faces must be really white or something because you can see the color fine for them.

Love letter, as I've said previously, looks good with the Annie Lipstick from Banila's Tokyo Scandal line. I pair them up often. Delight is a cooler pink with cream mixed in.

The texture of both is smooth and not bad, but I really was hoping for a little more in the pigmentation dept. Delight I will still love for the packaging, the top screws on! and Love Letter I don't mind using since it is a bit more pigmented, but just as a heads up for you people looking to buy.

Pics: again I had to smother my face with blush for it to show up with the flash. I thought flash might help to show the color more accurately so that it's not all tinged yellow or changing colors from lighting. Normally you would only want maybe half on your face- or else it'll look like you rubbed oil on yourself.

They look really similar, but I can assure you that Love Letter is a more warmer color and Delight is a cooler one. It's noticeable in real life.

Bare Face
 having both 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Look at Cupcake Books 3: Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life

I wanted to do a mascara review since I just got my two new mascaras in and was able to try them on. They're both Kanebo Kate and I'm really excited to tell you about them, but hold on, I still want to try them on a little bit longer and take more photos so that I can have a more complete review. They're the Dollish and Frame Impact waterproof mascaras. If I can find my Blinc mascara as well, then I'll do a comparison of all three! To be honest, I'm more excited about reviewing these than the Banila Co blushes.

But for now, my copy of Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life came in!
Is this not the best cover ever?! The book is hardback. I was expecting the old ppl looking light pink cover, but instead it came in this bright eyepopping magenta pink, and I love it. It gives off such a hip feeling.

The reviews are true, the butter is listed in grams only. other ingredients also have the cup equivalent, so I guess that's kind of annoying.

Half the book is filled with delicious looking treats, and the other half is filled with seemingly crazy combinations that I'm not too eagar to try. The photos and presentation of everything is absolutely gorgeous. They have both cupcakes and cake in here, and I really would like to just try making them.

Here're some photos to wet your appetite. Definitely doing the chocolate.

Don't the coconuts look beutiful? I wonder which red velvet is the best, guess I'll have to test them all

Monday, July 19, 2010

First Look at Cupcake Books 2: Hello, Cupcake! and 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes

So, I have to disappoint everyone again. Blame my brother. He blocked my computer through the router, so unless I can find a way to transfer the picture files (you might say why don't you use a flash drive, but I can't find them) or connect to the internet directly (probably will have to do this while bro is away or sleeping), my product reviews will be on hold. Internet is becoming scarce because in an effort to rid my brother of his addiction to internet games, my mom has taken away the power cord to the modem. And so we must all suffer as well.

My plan is to when I get a chance, reset the router slap my own pw on the router login page, and have the same internet pw, so that he suspects nothing, and I get internet back (when my mom plugs the power cord in).


Hello, Cupcake!:  This is a really fun book and I completely understand why it's such a big hit. They give you instructions and pictures on how to decorate and construct everything. It's packed with a lot of information though, so I think I'll have to slowly go through it all. There are also recipes for basic cupcake instructions in the back so you can bake different flavors. It's funny because i wanted to get this book with the two others from the library at the same time, but it always seemed like one of them was out. I went back to return the other two and was really hoping that this book would be in, and it was! must be fate.

Everything they use is something that you can get your hands on at the grocery store. All the ideas are just so wonderful and out there that my head feels like exploding from happiness. I really wonder if I shouldn't just buy the book. I want to cuddle up with it, but knowing how popular of a book it is, I think about how many people have had it and how I don't know where it's been. Maybe some little kid smeared their boogers on it. you never know.

101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes: I have been absolutely DYING for this book. And the perfect opportunity came with Amazon's campaign to collegians. Free Amazon Prime for 1 year. Yahoo! I had been bidding my time waiting for the other book I'd been lemming for to go back down $6 again, but with free 2 day shipping there was no reason to, I just went ahead and got it.

First impressions, wow, this book is a lot tinier than the other three. I guess that's actually a good thing because it won't be too heavy and it'll be more portable. It's super cute though. True to word, everything in here seems simple enough. the instructions are 1 page for each cupcake and it's usually just blend everything together, fill cups, bake, frost.

One thing that bothered me is that I think Ms. Wendy Paul might have done better to invest in a better photographer. I could've done a better job. Remember, i'm all about the packaging, and looking at these pictures, wow the cupcakes do not look appetizing- well half of them anyways. I'm sure they must be though because I'm been prowling youtube and in the videos her cupcakes look absolutely amazing and yummy. It's ok, once I make them in a couple months, i'll take better pictures for her and do her cupcakes more justice.

I also wish we could've seen each cupcake. maybe have one page with multiple cupcakes like how betty crocker did some of hers. that way you don't use up too much ink- not as expensive- and everybody gets to see them all.

oh oops, i just saw that there's a picture of the photographer in the very back =X. Part of it might not be the photographer's fault. It looks as if the pictures are too vivid so as to wash out the details- cupcakes don't look soft and inviting anymore, they look dangerous.

Some like these look decently nice.

Others like these are really vivid.

Why are the blueberries and the strawberry blurry...?

These look slightly messy. A food stylist is needed.. Maybe they appeal to you, I dunno.

I can't see anything of use...

This ..looks like smeared chunks of smeared poo -___-

Don't get me wrong though, I still really want to try the recipes out because they sound delish.

and that's all I have for now.  See ya soon.

EDIT:  I just went back onto Amazon and saw that the other book i wanted to buy Cakes to celebrate love and life went down to $16.29. I just had to snap that up, didn't want it to increase all the way up to $23 again. wow amazon prices are funny. Then it asked whether I wanted 2 day shipping or 1, and it's funny because they both say it'll be delivered tmr. I chose 2 day, it's free. so yay~ also, amazon is dangerous. that 1 click ordering. I thought i was going to be taken to a confirmation page, but when i clicked the button that i saw there, it was like thank you for your order. I was like O.O what?! already? So yes, good thing I was sure about wanting that book. -___-;;

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Look at Cupcake Books: Martha Stewart's Cupcakes and Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor

I had wanted to do another product review post first, instead of posting about these cupcake books, but it would seem I've been blocked from some sites and my internet is shaky, so I didn't want to risk spending all that time and effort posting and then have it not go through or something. So I'll post on these two books first to let you know that I'm not quite dead yet.

I'm a bit too lazy to put up the cover pics, so you can google or refer to my previous cupcake post.

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes: I really liked how this book has a picture of every single cupcake. I know a lot of people are like "well are you buying the book for the pictures or the recipes?" but honestly, to a total amateur like me, the pictures really help because now I know what it is that I'm supposed to be striving for. It'd help more if it had pictures of every step too, but I guess that's asking too much. I was really upset that I didn't see the recipe for the cupcake on the cover of the book. It's probably just a devil's food cake with a chocolate frosting, but I would've liked to see it say somewhere in the book "this is the cupcake on the cover" because that's what made me want the book. I'm a sucker for packaging. That's what makes me want to buy something. On TV it's not the strange ads that makes me want to buy the burger, but the picture of the juicy burger itself turning and sizzling *drools*.

Since I'm not an avid baker, it didn't make sense for me to buy the whole book since I'll probably not like half the recipes (they'll be too sweet for me). So I checked it out of the library (I found out that my library card still works after 3 years and that I had a $1 fine from 2007, lol). Then I just took pictures of the recipes that I thought I would like. Some of these included the Triple Citrus which was just so cute looking, Ginger and molasses (I've started developing a liking for the ginger's kick- but I hope the molasses isn't too sweet), and the Roasted banana (again, the decorations >.<). And she also has this one magnificent looking strawberry cupcake. The icing is swirled on top like it would look if you had strawberry softserve ice cream. Definitely gonna try that.

And one last thing that I appreciated about the book is that the recipes for the frosting all say how much they make. It sounds like a given, but seriously, I am grateful.

I didn't realize what "Inspired Ideas" meant until I read a description of one of the cupcakes. I guess MS just took cupcakes that she learned from various bakers and put them in here too.

Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor

This book has a lot of yummy looking recipes. I also like how the author puts in little boxes with ideas. Like if you were going to have a little girl sleepover party, all these other foods would be good on the menu. She also tells you how to store everything, which is super helpful.

The two things that really bothered me was that for some reason the directions looked super long. Even if it starts off with a cake mix. Martha Stewart's were all basically just one page. A lot easier on the eyes. And the  other is that there weren't pictures of that many cupcakes. So I had to use my imagination. which is defective. The pictures that she did have though made the cupcakes look absolutely wonderful.

I'm excited to try her red velvet with peppermint candy and white chocolate curls cupcake. It's the pretties thing ever. She also has a number of others that I took pictures of (since the paper's not glossy, I didn't have to worry about flash, hehehe). I wanted to make the trifles (strawberry and a blackberry one I think) for my fellowship group, but they both call for whipped cream, and I guess that wouldn't last through 2.5 hrs. Guess I'll just eat that myself.

Oh! And something that's really fun that she included is cupcake horoscope! I thought it was just gonna be a really super general one, but I was surprised that mine was pretty accurate, well up until the cupcake suggestions (I did not think those sounded appetizing). Give it a try! Click to make readable.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Calling All Freebie Lovers!

I'm excited to share with you my experience with Months ago, I've even forgotten when, I signed up for this program and saw that they had a current offer so I thought, "why not?" and picked out my choice of the revamped pantene line. Today, I was told, "you have a package downstairs". A package? Who from I thought? And it turned out to be from the sampler program! XD Imagine my surprise. I'd completely forgotten that I signed up for this, but here they are, my 1.7oz conditioner and shampoo samples.

Many people don't like pantene, and I personally don't buy it when given a choice, but a freebie? hey I'm not one to turn down a decent freebie.

I've yet to try them and at first I was like, "why did I pick the one for thin hair?" and then I realized, oh it was probably because I was thinking my hair is more damaged? I dunno.

They also customize it so that your name appears on the ad brochure insert. wow, lots of money to spend I guess. When I think about it, P&G makes a lot of products that we use. From chips (pringles) to detergent, to shampoo!

Something I like is that they don't spam you with emails or something like other companies do. At first I was hesitant to sign up because I thought that would happen, but I think I've only gotten 1 email or so and it was about the revamped hair care line.

One thing though, don't expect to get them anytime soon, as I said, it was so slow in coming that I forgot about it O.O.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

AND IT'S BACK!! Review: Clio Blushes

Hi Hi! So after a long long wait, here I have it! My review of two Clio Blushes that I got in my GMarket Haul. Last night I decided to retake pictures after viewing the old ones because I just thought they didn't do them justice at all.

There's just something about blushes in cute packaging that gives you a sense of joy when applying them. Well, it makes me feel like a pretty princess anyways.

The blushes come with the plastic protector and brushes as pictured above. The Clio brushes imo are a little bit softer than the Banila Co ones (review to come later also).

The blushes themselves both have glitter sparkles so if that's not your thing then you'll want to give these a pass. #2 is a super pigmented cool shade, you seriously won't need more than a little dab for each cheek. The #4 is a dusty rose color with the sparkles being the gold part. #4 is much less pigmented and the more you try to apply the more you'll just cover your cheeks with golden glitter. All in all, I'd have to say that #2 is my favorite of the two (like many other buyers have found), but I also still really love #4 at the same time. Even though it's not as pigmented, it gives a naturaler look and is good for the summer glow look (perfect because it's summer here right now).

Something that really surprised me was that one day I accidentally flipped them over in my hand and the whole block of blush just fell right out! I was like O.O and quite stunned. Still, it didn't bother me much because I just popped it back in and the blush was still as usable as always. ;)

These are one of my happy buys and I highly recommend them for your collection. 

Pics: I took them with flash and it's sooo hard to get the color to show, it all got washed out. I even covered my whole cheek in a thick layer of blush in an effort to get it to show the color somewhat.

#2 I glomped on. In real life I look like the sunburnt baby of a clown.
#4, has a much more natural look- hard to mess up. If you look closely you can see the sheen from the glitter. I just want to note that it is visible in real life- the color. The Banila Co. blushers on the other hand would look like this picture in real life, just a sheen and not much color.I'd say the colors of both are a lot closer to real life if you look from the bottom of your screen upwards (makes the color darker)