Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Birchbox: August 2013

Hello Hello, still alive.

     In all my months of Birchbox subscriptions, I've never opened a box and detested it. The Gossip Girl box came and was a bit of a disappointment, but it wasn't anger inducing. This one almost is.

Later (in September X_X), I shall do another post with items that I like. This box is post-worthy in a not so good way. People usually complain about their boxes, and it was the same for this month. You wouldn't normally think much of the complaints, but in this case, it is totally justified.

1. Malin+Goetz: I like this brand, but will you look at the size of these packets? There is NOTHING in these I tell you. In addition, Sample Society had these as extras in their box a while back. Yes, there were even two of them. 

2. Mally Beauty Eyeliner: Swatched on my hand and it doesn't seem horrible, will test out throughout the week and give an update at a later time.

3. uniqONE spray mask: They are trying to kill us! This puny thing is not to be taken lightly. We all know that when a spray pump is new, it doesn't dispense a full spray until you pump it a while right? Even with a tiny spritz onto my hair, it was like the world ended. This stuff smells horrible! It's like someone took those laundry sheets and shoved it up your nose. There was a perfume that I said smelled like Febreeze a while back. This is probably made by the same people. Even if someone could tolerate it enough to spray their whole head, everyone around them would faint and die. How many people had to have damaged olfactory senses for us to receive this product? Straight into the garbage.

4. Whish correcting gel- for sun damage etc. smells like coconuts. Another item with a strong smell. It's not terrible in of itself, but this is not a scent that can be tolerated all day

5. Whish deodorant wipes: wow.

Such a sad box. The one thing that may or may not be useful is the eyeliner. Worst box ever.

Bring you better news next time!

***The below is a slice of life rant to continue with the theme of an upset post***

     I officially dislike police officers- the ones that sit on the side of the road waiting to catch people. I'm sure some of you have police officers as your family members, and surely they are the best of people. Just think of this rant as something for the other ones.

     Their job is to serve and protect.. themselves. Maybe it's me, but the police are rarely there for my benefit. Last time I got pulled over in my own town for no reason, and was questioned like a suspicious person. The policeman's attitude was rude, and you could tell he was trying to get me for not having my drivers license, insurance, or registration (had them all, thank goodness). He then continued questioning in a rude tone, asking if I had any tickets etc (answer is no). All the while, he was checking my car out inside and out. The reason is that it was an older car from the '90s and had been hit on one side by a deer (I wasn't driving), and the other side by a teenage driver who backed into my care while it was parked. The rim was also missing from one wheel (also not my fault). He actually went back to check my history in his car. When he came back, unsatisfied, he tried to get me on texting. My phone wasn't even in the car with me that day. 

     This past weekend, I got pulled over coming back from a meeting with friends. An officer walked up with a puffed out chest and introduced himself as "Sergeant blah blah blah". He then wrote me a ticket for having the wrong license plates. The car in the above story broke down, and I had to get a new one, but hadn't had time to put the new plates on. I even had the new plates with me in the car and showed him, but he didn't care. Sure, 2 weeks may seem like it's long enough to find time to change the plates. PEOPLE FORGET. I've been crazy busy this past month, working late, working early etc. There's so many things to take care of. I don't even have time to update my blog for crying out loud! It was my first offense for anything (never had a speeding ticket etc), so he should have let me off with a warning. My friend told me I should have cried. It just wasn't in me. I'm not the type to waste tears on those jerks who don't deserve it. Instead, my fist was trying to get the rest of me arrested. You want to know the real reason why that ticket was issued? It wasn't about safety, or justice, or any bullsh*t like that. It's because I live in a rich town (in the not rich area), and drive a new car (because the old one above broke down- can't win!). His ears literally perked up when he heard where I was from, and his heart started dancing for joy singing, "MONAAAAYYYYY". I seriously hope his conscience beats him up for a good month. People like that who profile and pick on people are so unrespectable. Then this jerk had the gall to say to me, "If this were, uh, a more dangerous neighborhood, then you could've been pulled over at gunpoint because you look like a car thief." Is that even necessary to say? What? You want to scare me straight or something? Why are you treating an average lower income citizen like a criminal? Glad you're getting comfortable in your big boy britches. That's not even all. I was trying to read this blasted ticket and see what it was about, but the jerk did one of those loud siren beep things to hurry me along- so he could follow me like the creeper he is.

     Didn't we all love police officers when we were young? Didn't we think that they were the bearers of justice and fought for what's right? Another childhood dream flushed down the toilet. Welcome to the real world where power hungry beings do anything to increase their own profit. When I went to pay that ticket online, there was an additional $2 convenience charge. You'd think they'd take $2 off for making things easier for them.