Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Zoyas are in!

So if you didn't know, the past week was the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange. I got my 10 polishes yesterday and rushed to try them all out. Some were hits, others were misses. This time I took the pics with my sony which I feel is a bit more true to life in color tone than my Canon. All are enlargeable. Forgive my mature 30 year old looking hands...and the terrible job keeping the polish on the nails. I figured I was taking them off right after anyways so no need to be anal.

The Hurry Up Drops feel like you're putting a drop of oil on the nail. Spreads very fast. This mostly keeps the top layer from smudging all over the place (ie clothes/ sheets), but it doesn't protect it from denting the nail for a while.

 Indigo, so you can see the glitter better.

Pasha: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! It doesn't look it but it has a hint of mauve to the brown such that it gives a bit of a purple effect in some lighting. LOVE!!!!!! Very sophisticated looking color and the formula is smooth and almost opaque with one coat. More pics of Pasha on hands alone below.
Brizia: Like a lighter/ pinker version of Pasha and more subtle. Also beautiful!
Gaia: a bit too sheer. Seems like I'll need to put a white basecoat on first to avoid the streaky look. Even after 3 coats it was still a bit streaky. Pretty though..
Ki: much sheerer than I thought it was. Maybe because it's color comes more from the added shimmer than an actual base color. Once 3 layers went on though, it looked beautiful
Indigo: Gorgeous! I love the multicolored glitter, and it's dark with just one coat.

Just wanted to point out here the duochrome color effect of Ki: purple in some lights, green in others.

Delilah is such an intense glitter red! It appears cool red with one layer, but a second layer pushes it more towards true red. I want this on my toes.
Haley: When I looked at this I said "Ew" it looked like I was one of those middle school high school girls and just looked cheap and I don't know, not flattering. BUT then I decided to swatch it on all my fingers just to see the effect, and actually.. I kind of like it, look below and let me know what you think! By the way, Best application formula out of the 10 polishes is this one! SOOOOOO smooth it was like... absolutely divine- I've never experienced anything like this before. The color is so intense and with one swipe you just .. feel so happy. An additional coat solidifies a uniform distribution, and wow! would you look at that shine!
Clara: nice, subdued but a little offbeat. Great for summer- natural look (not really natural but it's a gentle color)
Caresse: cute pink
Jaime: a bit disappointed, it was too sheer so ended up streaky. The color is also two shades too light for my skin... maybe I will sell this one off. It's beautiful if you can get it to not be streaky though.

Haley: actually starting to look not too bad..

Pasha: My love

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Slice of Life: Housing Grievances

     Haven't done a slice of life post in a while, so I thought I'd just sprinkle dump in a bit of what's happening. Since this post is about grievances, you may want to give this a pass if people complaining isn't your thing. I love complaining. So when I love something you better believe it ;).
So at my school, housing is done by the lottery system. And me and these two other people already decided to live together, but we needed 1 more person, and a good number to boot. So we pulled in this other girl who girl A knew. BUT for some reason girl A and new girl (girl C) somehow decided that they can't live in the same room together, and me and girl A already tried living together for 2 wks (it didn't work). So girl A lived with girl B, and I lived with girl C whom I've never met in my entire life.
Let's just say we have very different living styles. I care about keeping things hygienic and not having random pieces of dirt and stuff, she cares more about having big things like clothes put away neatly. But she also put people's bananas in tupperware. I don't understand that. Banana bags have holes for a reason.
Then then girl C got really moody saying how she wanted to move out because I don't talk to her but I talk to everyone else. HAH. Ok. First of all, I only talk to girl A once every 3 days when I see her, and that's only to comment on the TV show she's watching. I talk to girl B more cuz I like her more. And finally, when I talk to girl C, I feel like she'll talk my ears off. I get tired. She talks on the phone for hours every week. But then she said it was the period talking and decided to stay.
PLUS, actually at that point I really didn't mind if girl C left because she appeared to be so two faced to me. Pretending to want to help people in front of them, then throwing them under the bus and complaining about them loudly when they're not there. Also, this is probably my greatest grievance against her. It happened one day when I and a friend were discussing a mutual friend's situation. We weren't gossiping, I'd like to note! It was just an "updating" (Even though he told us both himself already) kind of thing where you go, oh so you know what's going on with them right? Then girl C jumps in out of nowhere and goes "I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT, SEE, BLAH BLAH BLAH". I honestly felt like someone had slapped me in the face. You're telling me that you're dissing a FRIEND of mine who you haven't even met? I don't keep a large number of friends (Either I like you or I don't) but the ones that I keep I adore dearly. No matter what they do. It's like family, you can't help it.

From then on it was just all the little things. Like staring at me every time she passed (creeper much? or is it just that I'm soooo beautiful-psh yea right), not only looking at my computer but reading the screen (what happened to privacy), touching my stuff (someone called my lifestyle ordered chaos- I throw stuff around randomly but I know where it is- if you move it how am I going to know where it is?! Especially if I keep all my stuff on my side), putting shea butter in her hair and not washing her hands after: touching a bunch of other stuff- effectively making doorknobs and sink handles oily and sticking pieces of her hair to the wall with the butter.

Then Girl B graduated, so there was an opening, and girl D moved in. She seemed kind of nice. Then Girl A moved out saying that girl D was too loud. Girl A is a bit of a drama queen so I didn't believe her until I was rudely awakened one morning by the loud thuds of girl D in the living room shifting around books. I'm a medium sleeper so it's not so easy to wake me up. Girl A is a deeper sleeper than I am. I finally understood and I owe girl A an apology. Then all of girl D's loudness was noticed. Like how she has super loud alarm clocks that can be heard in the living room with 5 different tones/ songs. Like how when she does ANYTHING (walk, wash dishes in the morning, move, ANYTHING) it's super loud. When she talks she screams. People are sleeping, shut up. Also, she says she wants to be a doctor. I'm scared. The girl is half blind and deaf- or at least she seems like it. She's sooo focused on keeping things clean, but she doesn't realize that she's making new messes. BIG things will drop and she will have not seen nor heard it. Like how in the convenience store she brushed past and a thing of starburst fell and she just did not notice. Or when she was taking something out of the fridge and a big chunk (half a fist) of veggies fell out. She will be the surgeon to leave the scissors in a patient's stomach.

ALSO, she eats my stuff without asking, who does that. She ate my half gallon of ice cream without me even noticing. I was more upset about the not asking than the ice cream (diabetes runs in my family). Told my parents and they used the chinese saying "flowers in the field smell better than the flowers at home". Traditionally it's used to mean something like other people's wives look more appealing than your own, but my mom applied it to food. LOL. Told mom there was no need to replace it, just a few weeks and this'll all be over but she replaced it anyways ^^. And gave me strawberries. I really have to thank her this mother's day.
With girl A & B out of the picture I'm essentially living with two strangers. I hate it. AND girl D came in throwing away everything. I was like WTFroodle?! that's not your stuff, don't touch it! She tried to throw away my piping tip, literally picked it up and said, "What is this? I'm going to throw it away". She did find my rice cup after girl C stashed it somewhere weird, and for that I am grateful.

Girl C just walked in and closed the window I had open (it is such a nice day out) then she walked right back out. I was like.. uh... I wanted that open. So then after half an hour I opened it right back up. Good thing too. She came in after a shower and assaulted my senses with super fragranced stuff. It's not even smells that go nice together, they all clash. Stuff that smells too strongly always burns my nose. She didn't look too happy about the window, but like I care. Once when I had been studying the entire day for an exam the next day, she came in loudly talking on the phone. Why can't you do that in the living room. Why. I even used earplugs and played classical music on top of that. Didn't cover it fully. I couldn't go into the living room cuz girl D was there making her loud noises too.
Also, they tried to make me clean up this nasty mess under the toilet seat that I didn't make. It was made of some period blood and something dark brown. I'd seen it there for a month but didn't have my period then, so I ignored. Seeing as how it was there for so long, I'm pretty sure it was someone else's turn to clean it way before mine. Also there was diarrhea splashed on the bowl rim. I cleaned the diarrhea (which i didn't do), but when i saw that no one had replaced the Chlorox wipes that I had bought, I literally said "F that sh*t" (which I never say, but I was highly stressed about studying on top of that) and decided not to clean the period stuff. Why should I be the only one buying cleaning supplies?!  Not one week later, there's diarrhea splashed on the rim again. Whoever it is really needs to see a doctor if this is a daily occurrence. I'll spare you the picture (yes I did take one).

All these little things (and more!) just annoy me to death. And I'm just trying to get through these last few weeks, UGH. I call my mom multiple times a week now. I've never called her so many times in the three years before combined. She really earned mother's Day this year.

Look! I even have a gray hair growing! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out with Zoya, in with OPI, and in with more Zoya colorspoons, LOL

I finally sold off my zoya on ebay since non of you seemed interested in picking them up. I met with an incredibly rude buyer who was trying to haggle me down. She later replied that it was because she didn't know the true value of them. LOL. aren't you supposed to check the orig price of things before trying to get people to lower their prices AFTER you won the bid? The cynical side of me (~80%) doesn't believe it.

Then I went to the mall to pick up OPI Metro Chic. Silly me, i forgot that stuff dries darker, so it's actually a shade darker than i wanted. And more purple. I wanted a color that borders purple and gray, but it's a grayed out purple. All the online swatches are so misleading, but now that i think about it, purple is hard to capture right on camera. For over $10.. i can't decide whether to keep or return. Also tried it without a top coat just to see. chipped and flaked in <24 hrs. My maybelline doesn't even chip that fast.

AND YES, EVEN MORE zoya color spoons. One has to wonder if I actually like the polishes or just the multicolored spoons. BUT, this time, I found a color that I definitely want to get, . This will be the last time I do a whole comparative swatch of all the spoons- gets a bit much to look at. Next time, I'll just select similar shades and do those comparisons. ENLARGE to see details

The shades I got this time- no flash and flash:
 L to R, Top to Bottom: Zanna, Flora, Jolene, Carmen
Indigo, Ibiza, Lauren, Brizia, Fawne, Piper

Zanna: dusty mauve?
Flora: a pink. i wish it were a shade lighter
Jolene: waaay brighter pink than I thought it would be. I'd consider it a hot pink.
Carmen: a beautious true red
Indigo: Deep Blue with multicolored glitter! Love!
Ibiza: intense deep blue, more rich hue than Indigo
Brizia: LOVE. definitely one to get, has a slight blue-ish silver-ish shimmer quality
Fawne: Dusty shimmery rose
Piper: warm medium pink

The whole family: Why so many? in case you're interested in a particular color - this can help you see all the facets of it. Or maybe the color didn't capture right in one picture, it shows that it might actually look a bit like something else.

And closeups: view color comments below.


 Indigo/ Ibiza/ yasmeen are much darker irl.
Zara is a redder purple
Buffy is slightly pink
Brizia is a tidge more brown
Fawne/ Addison are a tidge more pink and brighter
Actually, all of them are "brighter" in quality
Jolene is neon pink

So far I decided to buy Ki, Pasha, Brizia, Haley, Caresse, Delilah, Jaime, Clara, Gaia, and Indigo.


Unless they get more colors of interest, Zoya can rest easy that I won't keep ordering color spoons. Good thing they didn't add in another sample of their newest lines. Was accumulating too many and didn't know how to tell them I don't want anymore.

Til Next time!