Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slice of Life: Getting the Future in Order

I thought I'd share on an experience that I'm going through right now. In order to graduate from college, I need research credits. Unfortunately I don't have a lab. I'd been wanting to get into a lab, but kept putting it off for 3 years, let this be a lesson to all. Well not quite putting it off constantly, I did apply for a research program which would land me into a lab- you apply for the one you want to do research in. But due to some horrible university spam, I missed the email for the interview. I know, you think these things only happen in nightmares.

So then I just never really had time to look through the professors and properly read up on their research to get a sense of what their labs are about. I thought worse comes to worse, I just graduate a semester late. Turns out that's not the case. The teacher for a required seminar that needed a lab contacted me, and basically made it sound like at this point I should change majors- I have one last year, how can I change now!? So I was horrified and freaked out. I spent a couple hours praying and reading the Bible and calming myself before answering his email, hoping that God would give me the words so that they wouldn't kick me out of the department. Well, lo and behold, he contacted me again saying he may have an interested professor who might take me on. I just thought, wow this must be a miracle from God.

He asked me to meet him this morning to discuss and I'm dumb but I'm not dumb. I know when people are doing you a favor and not to look a gift horse in the mouth. So I agreed and went.

But first, of course you know, for these kinds of life or death situations, you have to dress appropriately...hahah!! So I had to figure out what I wanted to wear. I decided that you have to dress cleanly and nice, presentable, but since this is a casual meeting, not business clothes. I went with skinny jeans and a light blue top. Why? because i can't find any of my other shirts, and for some reason, in the industry, it's commonly thought that light blue shows a gentle and open personality. Even though light blue isn't my color.

For makeup, you want to look well groomed and presentable, but not over the top. That might make them think that you focus all your attention on your looks- well unless you work in the beauty industry where that is most likely a plus. I used my Etude House BB Balm with the Peach Pore Skin Pact powdered over. No eye makeup, but since my lips are my best facial feature I decided to play them up with the LUCIDarling Gloss #3. I wondered if they were too shiny for this kind of thing, but figured, ah what the heck. I also used the Etude House Peach Cheek stamp #5. I think I've reviewed all of them except maybe the BB Balm because I haven't had a chance to get good pictures. Funny how everything i used is Etude.

The meeting went well and now I just have to actually contact the other professor about the lab. Please pray that it goes well for me. I'm not sure what I should do if it doesn't.


woohoo!! I got into the lab, now i'm just praying that I'll live up to my professor's expectations.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Missha BB Cream Samples for Sale! - #21

An old friend of mine has finally ventured into the world of BB cream and decided to try Missha's #21. She loves it and bought the full sized, but she still has some sample packets left over (she bought a handful on ebay). And since she has the big bottle now she won't be needing these sample packets, so if you think this might be something you might like to try email me! . I might redirect you to her depending on how she wants to do it.

The BB Cream samples are $1.50 SHIPPED! She's not making any profit off of this, it's the price of the sample and of the stamp and a couple cents for the envelope.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Etude House Cheek Stamp Blush #5

Some people say they hate gimmicky things like this, but I love it. It actually stamps onto your face- there's a spring.

At first when you stamp it on, it does look powdery, but once you blend it in with your fingers/ blush, you'll see that it's not. It's perfect. Things that have too much pigment are problematic too because it's easy to mess up. The pigmentation on this is perfect, it's pigmented, but just enough. It's basically a no fail blush, and I plan on asking my friend to pick me up a backup.

Review: Etude House Peach Pore Compact

I have no idea why I didn't buy this sooner. I find myself saying that with a lot of Etude House's stuff.

One swipe and I could clearly see that my pores looked smoothed away. The compact has a hint of peach, like all of the peach line. I wanted to take pictures to show the difference, but it's actually really hard to get it to show. All I can say is, get this. And you're just going to have to trust me on this.

Paint those Nails!


Wow, I never really understood why ppl liked this brand so much until I bought my first ones this week. I'd been lemming for these two colors and online they were much more expensive than in the store. Oh right, both of these are OPI for Sephora by the way.

The blue is Opening Night- which I saw a youtube vid by Panacea on and wanted. It's more blue than I envisioned, but ok. The brown-red is I'm with Brad, which I saw on a friend and loved.

Both I just swatched one layer, and really messily because...I'm a slob.

I love the formula. It dries so quickly and nicely. At first the I'm with Brad had me scared since it came out sheer, but I just glomped more on and it was fine. Even though you see a lot of red in these pics, the actual natural light look is more like a brown with a red sheen. Gorgeous.

I wish these came in minis because I rarely use this much nailpolish. I still have a bottle from 4 years ago which isn't even halfway used. If any of you has a small nailpolish bottle and would like some of either then I'd be glad to share. It'll probably be $3-$5 with shipping depending on how big your bottle is. Or you can send me the bottle and an envelope and stamps to ship it back to you and I'll just charge a couple bucks for the polish itself. Email:

I envision using I'm with Brad more since it goes with my skintone more.

OH! and I love the bottles. I love how they use heavy plastic for the top and how the whole bottle feels really solid. That was surprising.

Review: Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge Lip Gloss - #3

I had wanted to get this and the lipsticks from the line way back when it had just come out, but I couldn't pull myself together to put that much into a haul. Thus, you've already seen some of this line around on blogs. Still, I don't see many reviews of the gloss, whether it's because people didn't purchase it or because they just didn't see a need to review, I don't know. 

This gloss along with the lipsticks from the line are marketed as having the LED technology. Which I'm not too clear on what that means since I can't read the descriptions, but I think it basically means it makes the color of itself more apparent than your lip color or something because of how it reflects.

The gloss is thick, very different from the peach water glosses. It also has a hint of some scent although it's not strong or that noticeable. I like having the thicker gloss because it stays on longer. And I'm used to it from using the L'oreal Juicy Color Gloss for so long. 

At first it seems like any normal gloss, but when you wipe it away, POW! you notice that your lips have turned into a disco ball. I suppose this is where the LED thing comes from, many many micro sparkles/ glitters. Even though it's glittery, you don't notice it very much when you apply the gloss. It just looks like a shiny gloss. Maybe the glitter is just very finely milled or something. I think the leftover sparkles are kind of fun because if the gloss should wear away for some reason, your lips still have the fun sparkles to give them a little something something. 

The only thing is that if you're a lip licker, I'd advise you not to lick this one because of the glittery things.

I think it's funny how the korean glosses have such scary color pigmentation in the tube, but when you apply them, it's just a hint of color.

Overall I like this gloss. It cost a little less than $7. While that's a surprising price for a gloss, it's a pretty big tube.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Haul is Here!!

I got my package yesterday but waited to post this because the system wouldn't let me review the items since I missed the delivery, so it said "Delivery Failure" even though I already picked it up. I had to wait until today to review.

Just wanted to go through a couple things I learned this time around.
1) Check the seller reviews. If there are any visible "Dissatisfied"s in any column then that's something to watch out for. Especially when it pertains to delivery because that can hold up your entire order

2) If you have stamps, try the 1 stamp lotto. You can exchange 5 stamps for a 1000 won coupon as a sure thing, but I tried using the 1 stamp/ 1000 won lotto and got 4-1000 won coupons in my 6 tries. I think that's a lot better of a deal. I don't recommend trying the 2 stamps/ 2000 won cuz if you lose then you just lost two. Also, that means look for sellers that give out stamps too, because that will help your future order. Don't convert stamps right away but only when you're going to use them because they do expire.

3) In the US, USPS will try to deliver, and when no one opens the door you either have to fill out the slip for redelivery - at least another 2 days wait >.< - or you pick it up yourself. They don't just leave the package.

4) When making your order, put your entire address on that one line, lol. Since it's printed onto the delivery form that way, I'm pretty sure that's probably why they returned it last time now. Also, GMarket does make mistakes, they left out a number on my zip code- and yes i did put it in right

5) Review the right thing under the right page. I was being dumb and even though I knew it said peach blusher, I somehow ignored/ forgot and proceeded to review a lipstick under that. And there's no way I can remove it. I notified customer service ^^;; So yes, that big block of irrelevant review that sits there staring back at me is mine. I am dumb.

6) You can't use the cash balance to pay first then pay for the rest of your order some other way. If you want to use the remaining money in your cash balance you have to buy something less than that amount- which means more expensive shipping. I chose to go the pay more right now and stick more money in there for a future haul route. $15 shipping for one item just doesn't sit right with me. Especially in this economy

7) Package took a total of 10 days to arrive

Items that I particularly liked from this haul are:

Etude House Fantastic Rouge Lucidarling Lipsticks - #5&8
Etude House Peach Pore Pact
Etude House Cheek Stamp - #5

And I'm still waiting to try the O2 White Mask out longer to see if it actually works.

As you can see, the items are all Etude House. No wonder it's such a popular brand. Next time I'm definitely not hesitating to order from them again since this now makes 2 very good experiences.

I was going to post a picture of the overall haul, but now that I think about it, I don't have one -___- it's all on my camera, and i can't get it onto this computer because the adapter is built into my other computer which is currently being fixed for the SECOND time this summer with the same problem. The first time being when I hauled the first time so there were no pics up then even though I said there were going to be. I'll go back and post those up now i guess, lol. And this haul's I'll do when i get my computer back.


So apparently once you post a review, it can't be taken off, even by the GMarket ppl X_X. Now my stupidity is permanent.

On a good note, here are haul pics.
As you can see, GMarket really plays down the value of the items. I have to wonder if customs doesn't ever find it really suspicious that this huge box would only have 4 items. 

And If someone could tell me what this box says, I'd be delighted.

 Bet you were wondering what's that long freebie from Etude House. Well, assembled, it's two makeup organizers! Which is really cool, but I only need one. If you would like the other, let me know, I'll send it to you for $3 shipped if you live in the United States.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GMarket Round 2 Update!

A hopefully brief update on the status of my order.


Made my order, which was super annoying to do since something wouldn't let me pay. then I realized it's because I wasn't using internet explorer (for some reason gmarket likes ie- one of the many reasons I shouldn't get a mac, right?). then i noticed something was missing from my cart (too little money) - oops how did that happen?- so after 45 min of struggling, my payment finally went through.


Yipee!! 2 things have shipped domestically. probably since i ordered while it was daytime over there. one is the peripera nail polishes that I ordered, and the other are all the lipsticks and stuffs from Etude House. The Etude House was a fast shipper last time too. sigh, i hope there are no problems with international shipping this time so that I can actually rate/ review them to tell them how awesome they are.

To make sure, i put the city and state on there too. since there was only one line and no city/ state I thought they didn't need it last time (because you can find the info from the zip code and street address easily) but this time i thought i should put it all on there, even on the single line because that might have actually been what caused the shipping screw up last time -___-;;; like it didn't look right to somebody so they shipped it back.

so now i'm just waiting for 6 more things to ship!


Etude House and peripera nail polishes that shipped yesterday arrived at GMarket! Clio lippies and peripera lipstick has also shipped domestically. I think the only real thing i'm waiting for now are the hairties/ earrings. =/ if I'd known they were gonna be the slow shippers then I wouldn't've ordered. I could've done without those actually. Hopefully they ship by tomorrow at least. otherwise i'm gonna have to give less than stellar shipping ratings ~.~

****EDIT x2****


So finally the last of my order has shipped domestically - and the rest have already arrived at GMarket. I don't think it'll have time to ship internationally this week, it'll probably ship Tues of next week. This waiting is so painful T_T.

****EDIT x3****


Hurray! Everything has reached GMarket. Now for the hard part...the international shipping.

****EDIT x4****


So the shipping's been calculated, and this time it's a lot closer so I only got about a $10 refund. wonder why it's close to the amount last time even though last time i ordered bigger and more things X_X. maybe box weight? I had them take the banila co out of the separate boxes since the seller's known to do that and ship them together. Est. 4.7 kg, actual: 2.08 kg. So about 5 lb off, not bad right? compared to last time's 11 kg (~24lb) difference, lol.

****EDIT x5****


Woke up this morning with a lovely surprise. My package has shipped internationally!! - Well it's been handed over to the air carrier anyways so I assume it's on it's way. I like how the EMS tracking is actually in English now instead of Korean. Although, I guess they really should have it in both just in case the person sending from korea wants to know where it is.

It's also the first time I'm seeing the red "Item Received" buttons. This must be a very good sign that things are going smoothly. The only thing though, why do they have to have the buttons show up so early? I'm rediculously tempted to click on them even though my items haven't arrived! lol.

Even MORE exciting, on the tracking page it tells you what flight the package is on, so you can actually track the plane as well!! I popped my flight number into google, and it told me that the plane had landed in Alaska. And now it's en route to an airport in NY. It'll arrive there at almost 1 am. I wonder if they have a break or they immediately send the packages off for shipping/ flying. That's a lot of work. Hopefully my local USPS can kick it into gear too and maybe if the truck can get over to my state by morning, then USPS can deliver by tomorrow!!! Yea, I guess that's not likely.

****EDIT x6****


RAWR!!!!! They delivered this morning, but my doorbell didn't work, so now I still have no package! T^T. I'll try to go to the po today and pick it up once I figure out where it is.

- I've picked up my huge package and nothing is broken, yay!!  I end this post here!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain: Twilight + Gothic

I went to my local drugstore to find that Neutrogena lipcolor, but I'd forgotten that my Rite Aid doesn't carry Neutrogena! So while I was there I saw the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and decided to pick Twilight up. I then saw a buy one get one 50% off sticker so i picked up Gothic too. Turns out they didn't give me the 50% off- I was in a rush so i didn't check.

So I guess that's good for you cuz now I get to review both. Twilight's a darker blueberry stain color. I picked it up cuz i thought Gothic might be too bright of a red for me. Gothic is what you might consider true red, but it has orange undertone hints- the color is a deep red and it's absolutely gorgeous the pictures don't do it justice. I ended up liking this color and not Twilight on me so much. Twilight I hadn't expected the color to be that blue. It's too cool toned for me. Well it' looks like my natural color but darker and a step of blue.

The stain does stay on and not smudge or rub off, but i thought it was a light stain, turns out to pack quite a bit of color. And at first I thought it doesn't really stain your lips since i just rubbed all of it off with spit. o.o but I tried again later with Gothic alone, no balm, and even til now it's stained my lips a bit. How much? to the point where my mom thought my lips were bleeding and my dad thought I put something on >.>...

The balm really does feel quite nice =D. When you first apply it, it's only in a thin layer so it looks uneven, but if you apply another coat or more it won't be noticeable. This one I just did one coat. Twilight's on the top, Gothic's on the bottom.

More coatings with the balm- twilight's still on the top and gothic on the bottom. irl, Twilight's not this red, more berry, and gothic doesn't look that orange-

Just Gothic. Don't know what's up with that bright red orange center piece, it doesn't look orange at all irl. Just a nice deep red.

I had a full face one, but I forgot it, so I'll post it up later. Here it is, it's nice though, right? Not orange-y.

The ONLY problem with these that keeps me from being able to keep them is that I think I'm slightly allergic to something in there. I must just be strange though cuz I haven't heard of anyone else having reactions to it- and I'm not really allergic to anything (although there'a a high possibility I may be allergic to my Neutragena sunscreen when it's mixed with my sweat and left there for a while- lovely description isn't it).

*Edit* I just thought of why I prolly didn't get the buy one get one 50% off discount. That was only if you had your wellness card, but i didn't- the cashier tried to look up my card using my number but it wasn't there, so I just applied for another one. but he didn't scan the card first when I was paying! 

Monday, August 02, 2010

Possible GMarket Pre-Order? [CLOSED]

So...some of you may know that I said I wouldn't be hauling until about Nov/Dec, but due to some really strong lemmings I'm starting to reconsider.

I've calculated the total of my wants to cost me about $100 X_X. That includes some peripera lipstick and nailpolishes (some reviews weren't that great, but due to the advertising I have a compulsion to want to try,,,), Etude house lipsticks, peach skin pore compact,  and O2 skin brightener, Clio lip plumping pencil, and that might be it.

These hairbands, rings, and earrings all from ~$.50-$1.50 also really caught my eye. I especially want the plush  bunny earrings. Imo, the more you scroll down the cuter the stuff gets =P. I also want to pick up a frog earrings for a friend's bday. But..I need to buy 10,000 won worth to escape the tiny delivery fee - like 10 items since each is about 1,000. With shipping the total of one item will be $3-4 depending on exactly what you get and how you want me to ship it. Smaller items I can ship without tracking (just in plain white envelope) and that'll be $3, tracking will be +$1. I gladly combine shipping so if you get more then it'll be cheaper shipping wise- if you get a lot then I have to ship with tracking.

If I can muster up all that money somehow (maybe sell a few things?) within this week/ week and a half I might order. I dunno what do you think?

Well with that if I order then I invite all of you to join me- it will have to be a preorder though since I have no money to put forth first. I estimate shipping to be anywhere from $3-$6 for general smallish items (the express shipping from korea is what's the most expensive). Gmarket's more accurate now about est weight, so you won't have rediculous things that say an eyeliner is 1 kg. A note of warning though, I won't be responsible for Gmarket's screw ups (if it's a wrong item or something I will try and contact them about it). If last time was any indication, then be prepared just in case. I can assure you though that I will try my best in pestering them until things get righted. Sheesh you would've thought they'd go more legit since Ebay bought them. I have feedback from ebay and soompi under the same username, Kiwichibi.

Email me at if interested. Don't post as a comment because you'll get a slower response.

I don't recommend getting larger/ more expensive items though just in case something does happen. Order an amount that you wouldn't mind losing- I'd say max maybe $30 (it stings but won't kill you) Maybe a couple earrings/ hairbands I mentioned above?

And although I was so tempted to get eyeliner again, I had to hold myself off (I haven't finished using the ones from before) and they also all smudge on me - my eyes adjust to be more oily. Forget if I've reviewed them, but that's the case.

Let's say I set a response deadline for August 8th at noon? I'm going on vacation the week after so hopefully it doesn't arrive here on one of those days- but before i head off for school again. Actually now that I look at it, it may very well come one of my vacation days. I hope no one steals it off my front porch at least... yes so that would be another thing to consider if you wanted to cast your lots in with me..ppl stealing packages. I bare no responsibility for that either.