Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The box was huge!

What is it? It's a wax warmer. Now now, you may be skeptical and thinking what I was "what the heck am I going to do with such a frivolous thing". But all that changed when I experienced what it could do in the office. The scent used was one that was unoffensive, warming, and gave off a good work environment. Then I got curious, and well, I figured this might be a wonderful wedding gift, and oh well why don't I just throw one in for myself?.. so here we are
And how cute is this? the silver bag was very padded!  Opening the bag released a lovely scent. It also came with two handled clear bags (on top of the warmers), which is really nice if you're making a group order, you can split up the merchandise and give it separately in bags (that's how it's meant to be done- in a group/ party order)
I ordered too late for it to get here in time for the wedding, it took 8 days to get here. They say to prepare for it to take 2-3 weeks though.

I wasn't sure if the Heirloom warmer would look tacky irl because all you ever see are pictures of it with the light on. I do appreciate how the whole thing illuminates though. Went to Wal Mart and found some lighted warmers as well (looked almost everywhere else and there are no others), but those were incredibly ugly and cheap quality looking.

I'm happy to say that this warmer looks nice. Wasn't too sure if the whole cracked glaze thing was on purpose at first, but after looking at the body I figured it was.

My other one is Nod. And for some reason, this one looks fatter than the other. I think a mid sized warmer would probably suit my needs more, but they come in less designs. There were also ones of this in different colors on sale, but I didn't want a green or blue one. I love how the inside of the dish appears to have black accents.

I was confused at first about the pad on the bottom, it just looks like a sticker and I was unsure whether to remove or not. Guess not?

They say that the wax won't burn since it melts at such a low temp., but mine does slightly. Not enough to give you serious burns, but enough that it hurts. I think this may be from the larger light bulb, perhaps the smaller warmers keep the wax a bit cooler.

Got a whole bunch of scents, unfortunately I don't like half of them -__-, guess I'm just not too good at picking. All my comments are based on what they smell like cold. I think these scents often smell different while being warmed (different smell properties come out I guess). It's funny because I thought I picked up Lucky in Love, apparently I didn't. Then I thought it was strange for me to pick up these scents, I don't remember choosing surfer girl, and unfortunately the confirmation email doesn't detail exactly everything, but the invoice has the right order, and the rest is right, so I guess I did...

**Edit** I realized that you can't just sniff the scents straight in the package, it's better to wave them in the air to get an idea.
It comes with an ice pack! ^^
Let's start with one I do like, love actually:

Home Sweet Home: Smells amazing! reminds me of cherry/ cranberries with a warm touch

Banana Nut Bread: Smells like banana, nuts, hint of cinnamon.. and maybe vanilla. Does it smell like banana nut bread? ehhh... not quite. But I think this may be one that smells different when warmed than in the container. The warming might just meld all those flavors together.

Enchanted Mist: a light refreshing scent. Something that I've smelled in a body spray before.

Kahiko Hula: This one I did use in the warmer. You can definitely smell the mango and something else when you get close, but otherwise, when it's warming.. there's kind of a lacking in the scent that is typical of some body sprays, it smells hollow- not a full bodied scent. Most people will probably not notice. Overall there is still a fruity scent, but I can't see myself using this a lot. Dont' get me wrong though, it is a nice scent. You can smell some sweetness.

Honey, Do!: They describe this as a ripe Honeydew. It smells like honeydew and milk. I tried a milk candy that was honeydew flavored, and this is what it smelled like. Can't say I'm a fan

Surfer Chick: Smells like some cologne with vanilla

Tea Party: I'm confused as to where the tea comes in. Doesn't smell like tea at all, just like a sharp cologne

Faerie Blossom: Citrusy- kind of like lemon scented cleaner.

Citrus Sun Tea: makes me think of an orange and yellow starburst combined. You can smell the hint of sweetness.

The person at my office uses only 1/2 a block at a time when the scent runs out. She says that ways, if you don't like the scent it's not a big loss. Plus, you can mix scents to hopefully make one smell better!

Have scentsy? Share with me your favorite scents (be sure to describe them)!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Victoria's Secret Mania

Meant to do this post so long ago (as you can tell by the picture's photo date stamps). I can't find some of the pictures, but might as well as post the ones I do have. I ordered so much, went crazy during the semi-annual, but when they arrived, some just weren't what I expected, so I returned a whole bunch. Turns out you can return stuff from multiple orders together and only get charged once.

These two above are from the Biofit line and they're significant because I can tell you that before this, I really didn't care about matching underwear. Then I tried these on and it was like ahhhh~ *cue special music*. The green especially was a bit neon looking and I thought to myself, "This definitely won't look good". But once I tried it on, "Hey this looks not to bad" popped up in my head.

A WHOLE bunch of new bras. The picture on the right above is stuff that I returned. They just didn't look like they did on the site. Well the cupcake and strawberry undies were just the wrong size so I exchanged. The green and pink bras on the right are from the Incredible? line and while they were comfortable, the straps aren't adjustable! That means for people who need shorter straps like me, the straps were constantly falling down, making it less secure.

I ordered a whole bunch of swimwear and these three sets I returned. They weren't as flattering as on the models. The pink one on the right is more magenta-y red irl than displayed on their site. It made me feel like I was wearing a handkerchief or something, so.. returned. The multistriped one I thought might work, because on the model it seems to enhance her chest area, but I'm not as well endowed, and no matter what I did, this one was determined to fall down.

Wish I could find pics of the other sets... hopefully I didn't delete the pics.