Thursday, March 18, 2010

Castledew Volume Tint Lip Balm: No. 2

A very funny gloss/ balm. When you press down in it it has a moussey texture, and very sticky ish. There are sparkles and glitters included in it. When I first opened it, the surface was so shiny and I ended up touching it in an effort to remove the nonexistant plastic XD. Remember the cherry cough syrup smell I mentioned with the vov showcase gloss? Yeah same stuff, except only a hint, so not as bad. Looks pretty pink in the glass jar, but not so much on the lips.

I guess the volume is from the sparkles? It doesn't have a minty plumping action.

Verdict?: Like, but would rather try something new than buy another when this runs out.

Maybelline Shine Sensational Gloss

You may have seen these new cute little glosses before. Usually I'm not a big fan of maybelline stuffs but these were so cute I just had to take a look. I went to the rite aid near me, but they didn't have it, so I waited until I could get to another one to look for it.

I had my eyes set on guava, but when I smelled it, it had nothing of the yummy guava scent that I've become so familiar with through eating many many packs of yogurt. =/. So one by one I went through all the tubes and smelled them, smelled like cheap gloss.

I then decided on the melon one because it seemed least harmful, but as I was walking I thought to myself, why should I feel forced to buy something that I don't even really like 100% in the first place if I already have so many glosses? So I slowly convinced myself to put it down while looking for heat protectant for my hair. Yay! props to me for not buying the gloss!

Credit to nouveau cheap blog for the pic which I found through google.

VOV Showcase Lipgloss: No.1


And that's totally what snagged me -___-. Despite the horrid reviews, I couldn't resist buying it anyways. It smells EXACTLY like cherry cough medicine. Ew. Gloss itself has a slightly sticky texture. After a little bit you get a bit used to the smell, but still, it's repulsive at first. No taste though. The korean glosses don't seem to have any. Steer way way clear of this one.

It looks like the same as the peach water gloss, but I can assure you it's not, the peach water gloss has an oranger tinge.

Click to enlarge.

Etude House Peach Water Gloss Review: Apricot

Just hearing the name Peach Water Gloss was enough to send me running all over the internet looking for infos. Overall I found really good reviews, so I bought it.

The gloss actually smells like peach Dum Dums if you know what I'm talking about. The familiar candy scent was a pleasant surprise. Texture wise it's not sticky at all, not one bit, and yet the gloss is thick enough to feel like it will last more than 1 hour, but not too thick. Taste? Not really any at all.

The color on the otherhand, is very scary at first glance, a bright orange, but when applied, it turns to a sheer hint of an apricot color.

People call the wand heart shaped, but it's really just advertising to make you think it's cuter. It's really just a plain teardrop shape, nothing special.

Overall, not a bad gloss. Nothing to make me reach for it over and over and over again, but it'll definitely get some usage. Now I just really want to get the Plum water and Peach Milk colors because they look gorgeous. The only question is should i get it from ebay, or gmarket where i'll likely get more freebies? At the same time, I'm hesitant to order from GMarket again just because of the whole fiasco with returned package and having to repay for shipping and a broken blush, but if I don't order again, then all my money will just sit there in the account unused anyways =/...what a dilemma

Without further adieu, the pics. First bare lips, then no flash, and flash. Click to make pics bigger.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gmarket Haul Finally + Flood my house flooded, package looks like this. Uh, haha this is embarrassing, so it turns out the package arrived quite a few days ago, but no one bothered to tell me =X. They were also going to move the package to my room, but they just cleaned it so they opted not to. Big mistake, when the flood waters came in, half my package had to go into the garbage (the cotton pads) T_T.

Update coming soon, just sit tight while I clean everything first >.<.


Here they are more than a few months late, lol

Filled four of these cups up with flood water, ew. and tears. My Banila Co Blush that came powdered/ broken. The whole haul.

The things that I haven't gotten to I will eventually review, but if there's anything in particular that you would like reviewed please let me know!