Saturday, May 11, 2013

Review: Lip Pencils

     After trying out mirenesse's lip color pencil, I finally gave those previously ignored lip pencils another look.

Overall impressions:

mireness- absolutely smooth, and highly pigmented. Slight vanilla scent.
BITE- slighty drying, which is expected of matte pencils
NARS- the satin formula is not drying

One odd thing to note is the lid for BITE's Madeira. It tapers at the top, causing the lid to slip off the pencil easily.

Madeira is basically what I would use for a nude color. It tones down my heavily pigmented lips.

NARS's Biscayne Park is also a nude-ish color. It is, however a bit on the warm side. I don't think this is a color that I will be wearing a lot. It would work excellent for one of those photoshoots where you are looking for a more natural look (but not completely nude)

BITE Cava- a lipstick that has a hint of lilac in it. It makes me look like a zombie (grayed out) or someone who just rose from the dead. On someone else with the right skin tone, it could look stunning.

mirenesse's Glossy Kiss in Quick kiss is definitely a head turning color. It's so bright someone would spot you from across the room. Love the formula, will be looking for another color.

BITE Pomegranate- another one of those colors that would let someone spot you from across the room. This almost seemed too bright, so I hesitated and bought Tannin as well. Tannin is cooler and slightly darker. I wore Pomegranate to go out with friends- the other bloggers were right, you will HAVE to get this shade. Be careful though. Since this is an intense red, it can get pretty messy. Pull out all the tricks in your bag to keep this one on. It wore off as I was eating, and made me look like a crazy clown. After a couple hours, it also becomes a bit drying. 

Try them out and tell me how you like them!

P.S. Have you looked and just stared at yourself in the mirror lately? I did that, and was surprised with how different I look. Almost don't recognize myself anymore.

Birchbox/ Sample Society All Stars!

Still alive! Typed in the wrong web address and thought they deleted the blog X_X.

     Instead of going through each box that I've missed reviewing and monotonously typing out thoughts on each product, I'm going to just briefly go over products that I really liked (enough to purchase).

     Unfortunately, a rummage through my box of samples only turned up three items.

Supergoop Eye Cream- not fond of the brand name. Somehow the idea of slathering "goop" on my body is not appealing. This eye cream is not sticky and doesn't make you feel like you're putting suncreen on around your eyes. It has spf37 which should give you enough coverage for a gently sunny stroll outside. And who doesn't like things that say "anti-aging"? This is a Birchbox find.

Butter London Nail Polish: Blagger- A lovely full sized product from Sample Society. It dries to a slightly darker, more toned down blue. Personally, the bright eye catching blue is more appealing, but this would be good for those who still want to seem semi-professional.

mirenesse Glossy Kiss: #7 Quick Kiss- An extremely pigmented lip color pencil. I'm in love with the formula and the pigmentation. The color is a bit on the orange side, but this is something I'm looking to pick up in a different shade. It has a slight vanilla scent. Also a Birchbox find.

A review of various lip color pencils is soon to follow- yes, for real. They've been swatched, photographed, labeled, and are ready to go. Since I have something to do now, I will post them sometime tonight!

See you then!

P.S. This was one other sample I got. Like the size of it, not so much the color. Looks like a self tanner experiment gone wrong. Guess the color can't adjust that much.