Thursday, September 29, 2011

GMarket has brought happiness~~

     I think after so many times, we should just take it for granted that I will go into long periods of hibernation. Right after my big boxes, yes plural, arrived, I immediately set out to free all the stuff from their bubble wrap cages and snap pictures. My mom walked in halfway through a swatch session and wanted to know what I was doing. That was awkward.

I also keep forgetting- so I'm writing it here to warn everyone and myself all over again. You can't review (and thus get stamps for) the same type of item (ex same item in different colors, or multiple options under one seller) multiple times in one day, BUT after a certain time period after you've received the item you also won't be able to click and confirm receipt to get mileage. Meaning, you can't just review one item one day, and another the next, and another the next. So you should click that you've received them anyways. 

I got a lot of good stuffs to show you, but haven't finished processing the pictures yet, so I'll just show you things that need a minimal review in this post and post pictures of what I will review in the future. 


I LOVE this purse. At first I was apprehensive about the quality while ordering, but it's perfect! The purse has weight, as in it's not some cheap flimsy thing, it's actually pretty sturdy. Originally it comes with two chains which made it super heavy. I took the longer chain off and only use the smaller chain. You open by pushing one of the two button/ prongs or whatever towards the middle. Inside there are slots for cards and cash. ABSOLUTELY LOVE and the seller also shipped in a plastic bag, so less shipping weight, thank goodness!

Yes, this thing in all its glory is a rilakkuma plush. I couldn't help myself. Truthfully, I wanted the 70 cm one, but then I looked at the price tag and opted for the 50 cm one instead. It suffices. Although good thing I got the 50 cm and not any smaller because smaller would've been disappointing. It's soft, I like ^^. Came with the socks as freebie.

The earrings that I got? Wow, couldn't be happier. The quality is excellent and much better than last time's. Last time some of the studs were crooked and it was a mess. These actually feel like they'll last as well. The hair elastics are freebies and the yellow ball earrings too. I think they're cute ^^. Only thing is... I have no idea where I placed any of these earrings now. *Gasp*! I know! I put them somewhere temporarily until I could get a new box for them, but once I got a box, I couldn't find them. Hopefully I didn't put them back into the cardboard boxes that I threw away...

 I think these Miffy pens are supposed to be scented but I don't really detect much of a scent. They're nice pens nonetheless.

 With makeup collection expansion comes a need for storage. Picked this Tony Moly bag up. It's nice because it has a little side pocket for brushes or whatever too.

And the below are all the products that I got to be reviewed in the future.

From Tony Moly: I accidentally got two of the same egg (thought my charges were weird but couldn't figure them out). It's the one to reduce wrinkle visibility. After you finish using all the product, it's really cut because you can knock out the top part, and grow a plant through it. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS PLEASE EMAIL ME AT It'll take me a while to finish so I really don't need two. Egg and eyeshadow I bought, rest are freebies.

From Holika Holika, a very cute brand! Bought blush and the lip product.

And last but not least! Etude House!! I was going to say everything below the Peel line is a freebie, but actually that one shower lips isn't. I was actually a bit disappointed in this time's Etude House freebie because I wanted a bag to put all the products that I bought instead. Oh well.

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