Friday, January 27, 2012

PG Mall Bags!

Hihi! Ok I said BB cream post but... this will not be it. It's so time consuming and well, I don't have enough yet. BUT I am due for one, so hopefully I can have one up within a week.

    INSTEAD, I thought I'd share about a couple PGMall Bags I got in asia! You may remember, but I tried getting one from YesAsia before (the checkered one), but that didn't turn out the way I thought it would. And it costed me 3x the price. BUT in Asia, it's so much cheaper. I think these two were ~$6-10 apiece. They had some lottery thing where you can get up to ~$3 off, which would've helped a lot! I got to draw twice, so I had the potential to get one bag free. BUT... you know how my luck goes, and I ended up with the equivalent of maybe 30 cents on one ticket, and nothing on the other.

     At the actual store, I got to feel out the bags and their quality. Although a lot of the bags are cute, they're made of material that won't last. I settled on a larger brown bag- in case i ever needed to transport something or stayover a night. There's an additional longer strap inside. And a gray bag. I think they're both very nice ^^. One thing that bothered me in the store is that the two times I was there... they kept playing this one song "Baby I'm your porn star, I'm your porn star, hahh haahh" I think it's Cargo's Pornstar. It's probably because no one else could understand the lyrics that they didn't mind. It was only awkward for me.

Also, recently, I've been not doing well in regards to my future. So if you could throw a few prayers my way they'd be much appreciated. Thank you!

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