Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting Robbed

I never really thought I had anything worth stealing, until I got robbed. Then I realized that the one thing that is probably most valueable to me is my laptop. That thing held 6 years worth of schoolwork, memories, job application essays, resumes, etc etc. Most unfortunantly for me they chose to rob me on a day during which I was in too big of a rush to password lock the comp. Sucks for me.

I always thought that if my computer were to go down, it'd be because of a virus since I got fed up with anti-virus software constantly shooting those popup telling me to update and decided to just uninstall them all.

I'll not describe it/ put up a pic for fear that the perp will get paranoid and file off all the info. Just wanted to tell you that you are a very bad bad disgusting person, but I'll forgive you if you just drop everything back on my front porch and walk away.

Anyhow, I've learned my lesson from this...Install tracking software.

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