Saturday, June 13, 2009

Goldfish Round II

Well, during spring semester '09 I acquired 5 goldfish from my suitemate. Unfortunately they all died within 24 hours. Now I have a second chance! I shall update as to the status of the fish as time goes by.


I'm not sure if it's because of me, or the curse that a certain male and female placed on it, but it too succumbed to the death within 24 hrs rule. It's strange because it was given the same treatment- and even put in the same container as my brother's fish, and his are still alive and energetic.

It could also just be that everyone gives me the punier fish in comparison. But last time, I had one big healthy fish and it was the first to go...

Although I probably shouldn't say this (all the fish lovers will give me death stares for the fate of the fish is pretty much decided) but I want a Betta Fish @.@. They are sooo gorgeous. I read that they're considered easy to take care of, but then it started to list all the stuff it needs: filter, lights, huge tank, different foods, etc etc. By the end I was thinking to myself, "Well if these fish are easy to take care of, then the goldfish must be self sufficient." O.O

I also saw these yellow 2" x2" fish at Petco that cost $40. Holy cow.