Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Coastal Scents E- Book: Loose Mineral Makeup Secrets Revealed

I've been itching to try and make my own mineral makeup ever since...well I found out that you could. Only thing is, it's kind of hard poking around the internet for little scraps and pieces. So I decided that I'd jump in blindfolded and buy Coastal Scents's Ebook, Loose Mineral Makeup Secrets Revealed. At $30, the book is steep for my limited funding, so I wasn't sure whether to purchase it or not. I searched the internet in hopes of finding some kind of review, good or bad, so I'd at least know what to expect. I found next to nothing. Which is why I decided to write this review.

Still hesitant, I didn't purchase this book until the sale this weekend, which gave 50% off all ebooks. $15 is still too much in my opinion, but I figured, if it truly did contain extremely useful information then it would be worth it. So I bought it.

Unfortunately I found that this book only contains the most basic of information. THE MOST BASIC. Stuff that you can find poking around online. Basically all it does is tell you what micas, oxides, and a handful of fillers are and their uses. Which is all you need I guess, but come on! For the price, I expected some kind of wow factor. While the information on the properties for each of the fillers is useful, and it includes various recipes for veils, shadows (the colors are UGLY), and even lipstick, I can't say the information is worth my $15, or even it's original $30.

If you're really lazy and have money to throw around, then yes, go ahead and purchase this, but if you're a poor person like me, save your money and just poke around online.

For the content, I'd say the book should be at most $7. Seriously, most cookbooks with more recipes come at about that price. $30 is way too much!

What a disappointment. And it's an Ebook, so you can't even resell it as an electronic copy. =/.

Save yourself.


I noticed that quite a few people have visited so I thought I'd add some additional information. After all, it's not fair for me to not let you make your own decision whether or not to buy this. I've compiled all the colors that are given. Many may very well think that these are worth the money. I wish I had known what I was buying so I'll tell you what you basically get.

There are 2-3 recipes on the bases for foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and a lipstick one along with properties of each additive. The page that says "Eyeliner", HA. It tells you to add water to your eyeshadow. Who didn't know that?

As for these colors, really, you don't need somebody to tell you how much color to add to get what color, experiment! (In small quantities first of course =P).

To be honest, I haven't looked at the book since the day I bought it.
One last note, is that you have to download/ print out the book within a time limit because the link does expire! (to keep people from giving it away I suppose).

Have Fun!


  1. Wow, thanks for the review! I too have been looking for a good book on preparing Mineral Makeup and came across this book a few min ago. I decided to look for reviews prior to purchasing the ebook & thats how I found your blog lol! I'll keep my 30 bucks in my pocket now.

  2. Thanks for the review. I'm tired of buying usless books. THANKS A BUNCH!!!!?