Friday, May 28, 2010

Shopping at Loehmanns and Goldfish Sadness

     I thought I'd take a break from product reviews and do a slice of life post. So I went to Loehmanns a little while ago to take advantage of the Birthday discount. While I was there, there was a sizeable line of people waiting for dressing rooms. As I was standing in line waiting, I observed for about 5-10 minutes the actions of various customers, and they truly appalled me.

    People handed the dressing room workers clothes which were turned inside out, upside down, and every which way.  Clothes would often be handed to them without hangers. Swimsuits especially grossed me out. Just thinking about how people wear those things naked, then hand them back to you in such a way as to force you to touch the parts that came in contact with who knows what. One lady handed an employee something that looked like a bra, but could have been a swim top or something. The way how she handed it back- it could've been a dirty used bra from the looks of it- the clasp was undone, and it was just nasty. The employee asked her, "This didn't come with a hanger?" to which the woman replied that it did not. Personally, I find that a bit hard to believe, unless she had just picked it up in the dressing area itself. The employee also handled it like a dirty piece of laundry, with two fingers, and rightfully so. My eyes are still a bit scarred from that incident alone.

     Then there are customers who try to lie their way in, saying, "Oh i'm just going to my friend in there" with a handful of clothes. When it's revealed that their friends aren't in the dressing area anymore, their true motives are revealed and end with "Oh, well i'm just going to try these on".

    That day I also forgot to print out my coupon which made me incredibly sad. Luckily though, when I got to the cashier, I found that they could apply it if you just give them your phone #/ membership information. yay!

And onto the Goldfish sadness. The family goldfish of 11 months finally passed away one day suddenly. I suspect it to be a combination of the bowl being too small (it grew quite a bit), being fed too much, and forgetting to add water conditioner drops into the water. That's 14 fish that we've killed in the past 2 years. I think Peta must be getting ready to take me out.

I want a betta. Right now, there's memorial day sales too on them! The only thing is, I'm not too sure my parents would allow me to get one. With the tanks, foods, water conditioners, filters, heaters, etc etc I think it would rack up quite a price...and if it just up and died too...well that would be really sad. I also like the Black Moor Goldfish, I think is what it's called. The almost dark black ones look so wonderful. Only thing is they require quite the large aquarium, and I just don't have that much room.

Oh, and quick note about aquariums. If you only want a tiny classic goldfish bowl type, don't buy them at the pet stores, they're extremely pricey (~$8). Instead go to a craft store and get them for $4. They're made of thick glass. I didn't buy one for our fish since I'd already gotten it a bowl. but just for those out there who are looking.

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