Thursday, April 29, 2010

Biore Pore Cleansing Strips

My blackheads don't come out easily, they're not the kind to be easily rubbed out using exfoliating cleansers. When I first learned of these strips I had doubts that they would work because I'd also tried the mask type of blackhead remover and that didn't help any at all. But then I saw reviews that showed how difficult they were to remove. This intrigued me because I thought, wow these might actually work in pulling the suckers out.

So I tried them, and boy was I happy. It didn't remove all my blackheads, but it got at least half, and that's enough for me. You put the strip on a wet nose, if your hands are dry, the strip won't stick so it's nice. within 10-15 min, the strip gets paper mache hard and you peel it off. It really does hurt like mad when you pull it off because it also gets a number of nose hairs on top (the tiny ones), but I was super happy with the results.

I know some people say they don't want to see it, but then how will you know how effective it is? duh.


The before:


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