Monday, January 17, 2011

Zoya 3 Free Nail Polishes- Psych!.. or not?

Please read the entire post carefully before coming to conclusions.

I'm one of the many who didn't get to participate in the shouts of joy.

"Why is that? Because Zoya is a liar. I clearly made an order, but never got a confirmation email. I thought it might be slow in coming because of the huge amounts of orders so I tried again to see if maybe the first time was a fluke. Again I didn't get a confirmation email- and thus appear not to be getting anything in the mail (as long as they don't charge me for it). BUT this time, I printed the order page just so I would have proof that I did order. I feel cheated- even if they don't take my money. If you say something, you should stand by it. They could have put a limit to the number of orders and said, "Hey, only for the first 50,000 orders" or something. But no, they didn't. They just ignored the rest of us."

IS WHAT I WAS GOING TO SAY. BUT I just now chatted with zoya using the livechat thing and they said my order was in the system o.o! So if you didn't get a confirmation email, but you have your order number, check and see! Don't jump to conclusions like I almost did. See, this is why we need to take down the order number and not rely on the confirmation emails. Of course I won't be fully satisfied until I actually receive my order, lol. I'll update on whether or not that happens later.

EDIT- Oh wait, now i know why I wasn't seeing any of my orders.. because I was looking under Order History, not current order.... But if you ordered and didn't get confirmation or don't see your order, still contact them about it first.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share the colors that I was/ am interested in. I forget if I did order some of these or some other ones- it was a mad rush to hurry and get my order in.

Zoya Nail Polish HappiNail Polish-Adina LgNail Polish-Reece Lg

Happi, Adina, Reece

Nail Polish-Portia LgNail Polish-Stephanie LgNail Polish-Skye Lg
Portia, Stephanie, Skye

I looked into a couple alluring colors like Suvi, but I decided that they wouldn't be worn enough or that I already had a similar color.

I'd also like to note that how I even found this promotion was through one of the digests that I subscribe to. They were talking about Bela, the nailpolish by Zoya that's "featured" in Black Swan the movie. Just because of that, I went and watched the movie. Which freaked me out completely. But for the sake of nailpolish @.@.... I was searching all around and couldn't see the nailpolish. Turns out it's when she's in the dressing room right before the gala where she's to be announced as the new swan queen. I was expecting to see her paint her nails with it or something, but it's really just a passing glance. The bottle is pretty tiny on the screen too. The color while pretty in the bottle looked way too intense in swatches and like it wouldn't complement my warm skin tone so I passed. Hopefully I like the pink that I bought... whichever it was again. I wanted a gentle light pink color just for wearing out and about but one that wasn't too sheer (you know those that are so sheer it's like clear? yea no).

Well, if I do get them, I'll definitely swatch! Oh, I was expecting them to arrive faster, so I sent it to my home address. So actually it's going to be another 3 weeks until I actually know if I got them. ^^;; sorry.

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