Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Heels!

A bit of news for you: I somehow became an SVIP member (apparently it's above VIP?) on GMarket XD haha, guess that huge makeup haul did it. I'm usually not VIP anything, and all of the sudden this, and apparently I autoupgraded to gold member for another store I shop at too X_X.

wooo~ Taking a break from makeup and showing you all my new shoe haul.

1st: Colin Stuart suede convertible boots- wear them cuffed, uncuffed, slouched, both.

I Love these! retail $150, but got them cheap $34 off a site- they just went down to $22 too! DARN!!! Ah well, I still think they're a good deal- they're good quality too.

2nd: Steve Madden Saassi(?) Colorblock heels.

These are cute but big. I'm going to exchange them. They're 5" I believe, so very high. The quality is slightly disappointing. There is nowhere near enough padding at the balls of the feet for such a high incline. It's pearlized pink and beige. I think I wanted a grayer brown but I'm starting to grow fond of the color- just might have some issues walking in these.

3rd: Jessica Simpson- maybe Edith? Can't really remember

Love these! They are a tidge long. Between 7.5 and 8 but not so long that I will exchange them. With some gel cushion they fit perfectly. Very comfortable heels and easy to walk in. Plus, not much toe cleavage~

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