Thursday, November 03, 2011

Revolt Against Harassment by Sephora Sales Associates!!

I'm so bothered by my visit to Sephora yesterday that I have to blog about it. For those of you internationally who don't know, Sephora is a store where they let you test out higher end cosmetics. They have lipsticks, nailpolishes, foundations, eyeshadows, etc etc laid out for you to try. When the store was newish way back when, I remembered enjoying the experience, I could test out colors and formulations before buying a product (which saves you bunches on these more expensive ones). Once in a while a sales associate would ask if you needed help when passing by.

NOW?! IT'S GOTTEN TERRIBLE! I noticed that it seems like every time I go there I get harassed more and more by the sales associates. Yes, I call it harassing. I know there are some of you who enjoy having sales associates fawn all over you, that's great. But I'm the type who likes to browse by myself, and then if I need assistance I can call a sales associate over. There have been times at other stores when I've looked for someone to help and there was no one to help. THAT was annoying. Just.. stand there until I'm good and ready, geez.

I blame that customer service craze that came about 2 years or so ago. The one where economy in this country was getting worse and people opted to get more customers by upping the customer service. Except they overdid it. Used to be at Home Depot we would get frustrated because no one was around for aisles to help. Now? Two people will ask you within a minute if you need help. At least after you say no they go away. THIS is what I was mad about yesterday, and even today.

Within 5 minutes of me walking into Sephora. 4 different sales associates asked if I needed help, told them no every time. I knew this would happen too, which is why I tried to duck into an out of sight aisle first- in hopes of avoiding them. Within another 5 minutes, one of THE SAME sales associates approached me and said, "Are you STILL okay?" UHMMM YES. Do you think I'm going to die in 5 minutes?!?! "Are you SURE there's nothing I can help you with" YES, DANGNAMMIT YES! Am I going to die without you?! LADY YOUR FOUNDATION IS ORANGE, I THINK YOU SHOULD HELP YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE TRYING TO HELP OTHER PEOPLE.

My friend who works retail at a game store is trying to convince me that they are forced to do so in retail or they get fired. WELL THEN LISTEN UP STOREOWNERS. YOU ANNOY ME, STOP. I'm now refusing to enter sephora unless absolutely necessary. I much prefer shopping online. Or why didn't I just walk into a department store to try things on? At least I won't get harassed by the same people.

I should clarify though, if I'm looking for something in particular, then it is helpful to ask the sales people because they can help you pick out all the red shades of lipstick or whatever since they have a good knowledge of what the store offers.

On the bright side, I think I did find a decent dupe for the lipcolor that I was looking for. My friend wore this gorgeous champagne beige color that she said was made by Pixi. Pixi's palettes are not the cheapest and I didn't want to buy a whole palette just for one color. Smashbox's Lustre looks close. It's not perfect. I wish it were more of a shimmer instead of glitter, but it's the closest I could find. I need to go to Inglot again to see if they have a similar color. I'll be shadowing a PA in NY in a few weeks so that'll be the perfect opportunity.

Stay well and try not to get harassed by sales associates. and if you are a sales associate, try not to harass customers. especially the same one. toodles.

PS. I got another gmarket order in, have to take pictures of my haul for you! Also... I might have another haul on the way, no I definitely do. >.> My poor bank account.

PPS. omg omg my people, I just looked apparently you can order Inglot online now! Smart move! I'll still go in store to check out the shades though... and to skip shipping. Maybe I should pick up a new gel liner. The old one is dried out. I wanted to try out a different (possibly cheaper?!) one, but this one works pretty well so...if it ain't broke don't fix it? >.<

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