Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Wig!

Hihi! Long time no blog... again. You know what the problem is? I always want to make everything perfect before posting it up and that nearly takes forever. So this time, I decided I should just post what I have and forget about making a completed entry.

Subject: NEW WIG! How exciting is that?! I've been hankering for wigs for a while because I love to change things up once in a while, but my hair grows so slow so frequent change is not an option. It's also been hard to take pics recently since there are strangers in my home every single day of the week working on the house- and I can't be there when there's adequate lighting. You all work too hard. Come in late or leave early so I can enjoy my room in sunlight for once.

Wig in Question: It's a two toned wig I got from Gmarket. I think the brand is Gabal Friends? Not sure.

My Picture:

The Nitty Gritty

Color : I was really disappointed when I opened the box at first because it's a lot warmer in color than they would lead you to believe with their photos. It doesn't look too bad in my photo because I made use of the bluer natural light. The warmness is a problem because my skin likes neutral concealers/ foundations, but if colors are going to swing one way or the other, it seems to prefer cooler colors a bit more. The two colors also don't contrast as much as I'd like. I saw another review which seemed to have a similar, if not the same wig, and that one looked much more like the sample picture. I wonder if I didn't get a defective one.

Texture: not bad at all. It might be more smooth than my own hair even! It's not the silkiest synthetic hair though. I got pinkage hair extensions (post to come later when I can get nicer pics), and boy are those worth the money! One thing that I highly appreciate about the fibers is that it doesn't give off the terrible wig hair sheen. You know the one that screams to everyone that this is not real hair.

I posted this picture up for my friends and so far, I don't think they know it's a wig yet.

Style: workable. I was concerned that the bangs would be too short from the looks of the mannequin shot, but a friend told me that they usually leave the bangs longer for you to cut yourself. I found that to be very true. The bangs were so long they jabbed right into my eyes. So I trimmed off a small amount using a blunt cut. I realized that this wig produces many different looks depending on how you style it. Instead of the super straight look they used in the stock photo, I just left the waves in for a more natural look. To make it more realistic, you can cover up the part on top with a headband or hat.

Value for the Price: I would say it's ok. It's a bit expensive in general, but I think this is not a hugely disappointing product. I got the heat resistant fibers (which I have not tried out) because a friend said they were more durable. I think durability is a good thing if you plan to wear it more than once.

Accessories: It came with a grape essence spray which smelled yummy but can get sickening quickly. The brush with the metal bristles works very well for straightening out hair without pulling on it.

I think I really do need to pick up a wig stand though.

I'll try and post up more pictures some other time, but it won't be too soon. I'd rather get a post up about 4 bb creams that I tried!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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