Saturday, July 11, 2009

Missha Perfect Cover No. 23 BB Cream

BB Cream has become a very hot item, so I thought I'd give it a shot myself. My first sample was the Missha Perfect Cover No. 23. I got a couple other samples and hopefully I'll be able to review and swatch those as well if they haven't dried out (pics at end).

Check out my review of No.21 as well~

SKIN: mildy oily T-zone, I can go a normal day without blotting, but I do end up with a slight sheen,

COLOR: I think I might have done better to buy a lighter shade. I consider myself averagely toned, but the gray-ish cast of the bb cream gave me, well a darker gray-ish cast. (EDIT: I have determined that I am MAC NW15-20). True to word though, it does sort of blend into your skin over time, so if I had to make do with the 23 I don't think it would be too bad.

COVERAGE: My primary target is my acne scars. The cream provides medium coverage, not enough to hide the scars but enough to soften them 1/2 - 2/3 the way. I get better coverage with a little of my L'oreal concealer with translucent powder on top. Because I have so many scars, I prefer to hide most of them, so I threw translucent powder on top to help further soften the look.

FEEL: It goes on like a moisturizer. It's not oily and doesn't dry out the skin.

LAST: The coverage wore a bit thinner towards the end of 12 hrs, but at least it didn't disappear! =P

OVERALL: As my goal was to cover my scars, I don't think I'll be buying the full size. This would be good for people who need to cover slight discolorations or something. Other than that, I think the product has a pretty decent formula.

PICS: I know some of the pics are kinda blurry, and I'm sorry for that, but at least you can sort of get the point. Click to make the picture bigger (and more detailed).

*EDIT 11.10.2011*

I learned that apparently the gray-ish cast in most BB creams is to help cancel out the natural yellow in asians --> make you more pale. haha.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: Well technically still buying, but I think I still have some sample packets of No.23 and a friend of mine says she might still have some sample packets of No.21, so if you're unsure about the color you can grab one, or both of these for $1.50/each. I found that trying out little samples of BB cream really does help in choosing because you can see the color, texture and the formulation instead of plopping $15-30 for a bottle of something that doesn't work for you. Unfortunately we can't do combined shipping because we live in two different areas. LET ME KNOW BY EMAIL: if interested so we can take stock and and see if we can get you some samples ;D.


  1. I have samples of no21 and its' too light for me. I thought than BB cream will be something special- you know- it will cover your scars nad spotts without making a mask but on my face it looks horrible...!

  2. Do you thing this would suit an NC 40 (mac foundation) skin tone

  3. yes, im using NC 40 and this suits me well :)

  4. nice post, and very usefull! I'd like to buy missha BBcream but I don't know what colour!
    if you want, look at my blog:


  5. Shopaholic dream- most bb creams that I've tried do blend in the skin to an extent. It might be that No. 21 is just way too light for you- maybe it'd be good to try a darker one. Missha has now come out with many many colors (all named randomly chosen numbers) I'm told.

  6. and yes! If you have experience with the colors and can related them to foundation color terms please give us your input. I don't use MAC or anything so I have no idea how to compare them for you all. Sorry >.<

  7. are you still selling thr bb cream samples?