Friday, March 02, 2012

Review: Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream No. 21- Spf 42

You may have seen my review for this product in No.23. I recently acquired No.21 as a new customer gift from Missha website. I'm loving the pump. Packaging is very elegant. I've been wondering about how No. 21 would be for me and now I finally get a chance to try it!

Skin: I haven't been noting my skin conditions in recent reviews, but I will today since it has changed and is different from my first review on this formula. Back when I did No.23 I had slightly oily T-zone, the rest of the skin was normal to normal dry. Now, it has shifted to being slightly dry all around with especially dry (sometimes a little flaky) T-zone. However, as you will see later, this formula still works nicely for me.

Color: I don't know if it's my recent skin lightening, but this shade is definitely more suited to my skin than No.23. I must note though, that the grayish cast is still present as you can see from my photos. Although it's said that the gray tint is to enhance the pale effect, I have to say that I've always associated a gray parlor with aging skin. If you've noticed, younger skin has a "brighter" quality (which many cosmetic products try to mimic by sprinkling the product with gold or some other material that will mimic the effect). As we age, our skin gradually loses this brightness. Thus, I do kind of feel like this product is aging my skin color. Again, this may be because my skin is neutral in tone. For someone with warmer colored skin this may help with the "pale" effect. Careful though, too far off from this color and you could end up with an ashy effect. For me this is still a bit light in color, so I will probably consider dusting a bit of bronzer on top. Suitable for Fair Skin.

Coverage: I've always thought this product to have good coverage. Solid medium- covers 1/2- 2/3 of my scar appearances.

Texture: Medium thick. Thick enough for coverage, but not so that you feel like there is a mask on your face. It still feels really natural. Doesn't show my dry skin at all- yay!

Overall: I do think the formulation of this product is great. Recently I haven't been so anal with covering up my hideous scars so I do think that if I can ever find the right color in this formula I might purchase for daily wear.   Haven't noticed it helping with blemish/ scar/ wrinkle appearance or anything yet though. I'll let you know if it ever does, haha. For those who want a little more than skin tone evening, perhaps slight blemishes, and whitening effect. The great thing is that you can apply a really sheer layer, or a thicker layer for more coverage.

I'll probably not be doing the time wear tests because it has already been performed for this formula. Visit the No. 23's review page to take a look!

Check out the comparison post between No. 21 and No. 13 as well!

Again, I have sample packets of No.23 if you're interested, email $1 + shipping ($.50 in USA)

Thanks for reading as always. Comments (Like? Dislike?) are always welcome, and questions should always be emailed!

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