Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gmarket Haul Finally + Flood my house flooded, package looks like this. Uh, haha this is embarrassing, so it turns out the package arrived quite a few days ago, but no one bothered to tell me =X. They were also going to move the package to my room, but they just cleaned it so they opted not to. Big mistake, when the flood waters came in, half my package had to go into the garbage (the cotton pads) T_T.

Update coming soon, just sit tight while I clean everything first >.<.


Here they are more than a few months late, lol

Filled four of these cups up with flood water, ew. and tears. My Banila Co Blush that came powdered/ broken. The whole haul.

The things that I haven't gotten to I will eventually review, but if there's anything in particular that you would like reviewed please let me know!


  1. that make-up kit is so cute i want one haha.. I am a sucker for freebiew and cute stuff :)

    how big is the etude house organizer freebie that you are selling on the other post?

  2. It's... big. For future reference, please email questions >.< I don't get to see comments on older posts unless I go through to find them (and there are a lot of posts). If anyone is interested in the organizer, please email and I will dig it up (did some packing and no unpacking >.>) to properly give you the measurements.