Thursday, March 18, 2010

Etude House Peach Water Gloss Review: Apricot

Just hearing the name Peach Water Gloss was enough to send me running all over the internet looking for infos. Overall I found really good reviews, so I bought it.

The gloss actually smells like peach Dum Dums if you know what I'm talking about. The familiar candy scent was a pleasant surprise. Texture wise it's not sticky at all, not one bit, and yet the gloss is thick enough to feel like it will last more than 1 hour, but not too thick. Taste? Not really any at all.

The color on the otherhand, is very scary at first glance, a bright orange, but when applied, it turns to a sheer hint of an apricot color.

People call the wand heart shaped, but it's really just advertising to make you think it's cuter. It's really just a plain teardrop shape, nothing special.

Overall, not a bad gloss. Nothing to make me reach for it over and over and over again, but it'll definitely get some usage. Now I just really want to get the Plum water and Peach Milk colors because they look gorgeous. The only question is should i get it from ebay, or gmarket where i'll likely get more freebies? At the same time, I'm hesitant to order from GMarket again just because of the whole fiasco with returned package and having to repay for shipping and a broken blush, but if I don't order again, then all my money will just sit there in the account unused anyways =/...what a dilemma

Without further adieu, the pics. First bare lips, then no flash, and flash. Click to make pics bigger.


  1. Etude house is having a sale right now at my place!
    I saw this for..hmm..50% off or something but I didn't try it because the color looks too freaky!
    Gosh, now i feel like running all the way to the shop.
    Your lips look nice with it =)