Thursday, September 02, 2010

Insight into the Workings of the Tony Moly Lip Tint

So if you'll remember, back when I was reviewing the Tony Moly Lip Tints I was wondering how they work. Obviously it doesn't have to do with the temperature changes. And I tried acid/ base to no avail. we are several months later. Today I opened my lip tint to use it because I am quite fond of this product. I hadn't used it over the summer since I couldn't find it. When I opened it just now... I got a really big surprise.

My lip tint is dotted with pink spots! That's really unusual because why are  they all spread out? I only dug from one place. Then as I was examining them, I realized they look unusually similar to little colonies of bacteria or something. on top of the pink dots are these little raised bumps. 

So now I think I know how the lip tint works,  using an indicator that will turn pink when the bacteria or whatever is present. Most likely I accidentally sneezed or coughed on it and they grew over time. 
That's actually kind of funny cuz then I guess it'd just turn colors based on how much bacteria or whatever is on your lips, lol.

Will I continue to use this? Yea probably, there's plenty of bacteria in our other makeup, but we just don't see it even though we still continue to use it. I'll probably take care to avoid the little spots though. High concentrations of anything aren't good for you.

Just note though, these are just my suspicions, it may not be a biological indicator. It just looks that way to me. I didn't actually do any testing on it or anything.


  1. seriously?? from bacteria concentration? that's kind of a whacked cosmetic principle..

  2. ^^ I know it's far fetched, but I was like what the hey, and thought I'd put my idea out there anyways. That way if it turns out that it is, I can say that I figured it out first, haha.