Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tony Moly Lip Tint: Green Apple and Strawberry

Haha, it's been another while since I've made another post. I think now it's more of, "Is anybody even reading this? Should I bother?" So I've gotten kind of lazy. But I have to keep reminding myself that I'm blogging for me, and only me, haha.

Onwards! Today, I think I'm finishing off the last of the GMarket haul's Lip products. The Tony Moly Lip Tint comes in three flavors, Grape, Green Apple, and Strawberry. I'd always wondered if they give different shades or something, so I wanted to get all 3 just to see. I saw one measly post though that showed that all three produce the same result, so it's really more about what flavor you like best. Most people have the Strawberry one, but I think it might also be because the clearness of the gloss is more appealing.

The gloss is kind of bouncy? It's hard to describe the texture, but it gives resistance when  pushed. It's also a bit sticky but since it's not 100% a true gloss it's fine. It's like half gloss half matte if that makes sense.

I tried all different tests to see what makes it change color. Obviously it's not temperature, or it'd be changing colors all over the place between summer and winter or when in someone's hands. So I also tried acid/ base via baking powder and vinegar...strange none of it worked. So I guess it must be some other component of the skin that makes it change.

The color is a hot pink, but on the lips it's a beautiful cool color.
The color change is instantaneous, but the longer you leave it on, the more the color will stain your lips. I love using this because I don't have to worry about it rubbing off like lipstick does. At first I regretted buying both the Green Apple and the Strawberry because I thought it was too much, but I surprisingly use it a lot.

I like to apply this with a brush since it is a bit sticky so I can get a more precise application, and you know, with the whole tinting color thing.

I think they were around $6 each or something, definitely something I think is worth picking up. I took the pic right after I applied it so it didn't have time to fully change and tint. The left part of the lips is the part that I applied on, can you see how it's pinker a little though?

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