Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slice of Life: Getting the Future in Order

I thought I'd share on an experience that I'm going through right now. In order to graduate from college, I need research credits. Unfortunately I don't have a lab. I'd been wanting to get into a lab, but kept putting it off for 3 years, let this be a lesson to all. Well not quite putting it off constantly, I did apply for a research program which would land me into a lab- you apply for the one you want to do research in. But due to some horrible university spam, I missed the email for the interview. I know, you think these things only happen in nightmares.

So then I just never really had time to look through the professors and properly read up on their research to get a sense of what their labs are about. I thought worse comes to worse, I just graduate a semester late. Turns out that's not the case. The teacher for a required seminar that needed a lab contacted me, and basically made it sound like at this point I should change majors- I have one last year, how can I change now!? So I was horrified and freaked out. I spent a couple hours praying and reading the Bible and calming myself before answering his email, hoping that God would give me the words so that they wouldn't kick me out of the department. Well, lo and behold, he contacted me again saying he may have an interested professor who might take me on. I just thought, wow this must be a miracle from God.

He asked me to meet him this morning to discuss and I'm dumb but I'm not dumb. I know when people are doing you a favor and not to look a gift horse in the mouth. So I agreed and went.

But first, of course you know, for these kinds of life or death situations, you have to dress appropriately...hahah!! So I had to figure out what I wanted to wear. I decided that you have to dress cleanly and nice, presentable, but since this is a casual meeting, not business clothes. I went with skinny jeans and a light blue top. Why? because i can't find any of my other shirts, and for some reason, in the industry, it's commonly thought that light blue shows a gentle and open personality. Even though light blue isn't my color.

For makeup, you want to look well groomed and presentable, but not over the top. That might make them think that you focus all your attention on your looks- well unless you work in the beauty industry where that is most likely a plus. I used my Etude House BB Balm with the Peach Pore Skin Pact powdered over. No eye makeup, but since my lips are my best facial feature I decided to play them up with the LUCIDarling Gloss #3. I wondered if they were too shiny for this kind of thing, but figured, ah what the heck. I also used the Etude House Peach Cheek stamp #5. I think I've reviewed all of them except maybe the BB Balm because I haven't had a chance to get good pictures. Funny how everything i used is Etude.

The meeting went well and now I just have to actually contact the other professor about the lab. Please pray that it goes well for me. I'm not sure what I should do if it doesn't.


woohoo!! I got into the lab, now i'm just praying that I'll live up to my professor's expectations.

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