Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fish Round... Something

Hihi! Long time no blog. Been incredibly busy with stuff and yea life. But I HAD to share with everyone this one addition to my apartment. Hopefully it survives the year at least, I'll be so sad if it doesn't live until tomorrow.

I named it Fernando. It's a name I decided would be a good betta fish name, except, well as you can see it isn't a betta. I thought about it and betta's natural lifespan is ~2 yrs, and everyone has a betta now, so i decided to go with a black moor. There were two in the Petco tank and the other one was rounder and seemed to not swim as well. Since I wasn't sure if that was because it was fat or if it might be a handicap, I decided to go with the younger one that looked more active. Maybe it'd be harder for me to kill. The guy who was getting the fish asked me how big my tank was, and i didn't know how many gallons so he had me show him in comparison to the tanks they had there. Apparently they aren't allowed to sell you the fish if the tank's not a certain size or something. Mine was a little smaller than that (not by much) but i figured since i'm getting the tiniest, that i can change the tank to a bigger one once it grows a little bigger.

Here's the cutie! I'm planning on adding a filter in tomorrow and some decoration/ cave as well. Not too much stuff, but just a little to keep it from too much boredom.


  1. aww..take good care of that little fellow..=))
    I want a pet too..and I'm more a furry animal person..but I recently found out that I am allergic to furs..U__U JUST TOO BAD...=(

  2. ^^ I actually really hated pet fish (cuz you can't pet them ~.~) but then when I got some for free and started to take care of them they got kind of cute... Plus no pets allowed in my apartment supposedly- I've yet to find out if that extends to fish because they don't leave messes or anything in the apartment. My ultimate goal is to have a chow chow puppy!