Saturday, October 30, 2010

Peri Pera Nail Polish

I was looking around and I realized that I've completely forgotten to do reviews of my 2nd GMarket Haul. So I think the easiest to do would be the peripera nailpolishes since the pictures seem to be ready to go.

Overall, These were ok nailpolishes. For <$3/ bottle, I was definitely willing to give them a try. The brush is indeed much larger and if you take care, then you could possibly do a 1 stroke retouch of a coating. The part that may trick you though is that you may be thinking that you can get a perfectly applied manicure with just one stroke on clean nails.- not true. You have to do it a few times to get a non streaky look. I like this better than say E.L.F's $1 nail polish of course, but I definitely wouldn't do a haul just for these or anything.

And yes, the top is 2x the size of the bottle, lol.

I forget the exact colors that I got, but they were in the pastel range. I remember something about a 303, 801, and 901 possibly. The pink is a very very sheer color (Pk01?) which I was not expecting. I thought it was a different shade of pink because I didn't quite like the shades of the pastel pink they had, but I supposed if you want pastel pink then you have to use that color. (It's on my thumb). I gave it away. Overall, I think pastels may just not be for me and my skin tone.


  1. hi

    do you whether the nail polish has toulene or formaldehyde/formalin or phthalates or phthalic acid?