Sunday, February 20, 2011

Okokok Here it is: Zoya Nail Polish Swatch

So I'm finally forcing myself to stop being lazy and write the nail polish review. I mean I've had the pictures done for almost a week so it's mostly out of laziness that I didn't post it up. I know, I know, shame on me. Maybe the reason is that I didn't really see a color from those that I ordered that I'm over the moon about.

By the way, today is insanely cold with the windchill and reminded me why I still need to get earmuffs. My ears get red and cold and since they're connected to the rest of my head, my head is starting to hurt a bit.

So on with these nail polishes from Zoya!
First off, they came with a color plate for the Intimate line and a booklet of colors which I was really surprised about and actually liked because it's super annoying to pore through the colors on their website.


I absolutely adore the lipcolor the model is wearing. And her nail polish as well. They should really tell us what they use so we can all go get it. I think the nail color is Marley from the Intimate line, but well, you tell me, do the pictures match colors? =/. The picture seems to take on this soft lavender with maybe a hint of pink, but the actual color is a straight up lavender. Shame because I'm searching for the muted pink/ lavender color. Well actually I really want the color from the opening of Pretty Little Liars, but I have a feeling it doesn't look like its original color. I should explain first- It's said that Pretty Little Liars TV show uses Zoya colors. Still, I don't see any color like that in Zoya's collection and I have a feeling the color's been altered from original because of all the editing.

If Zoya were to allow me to collab and make a color, that's the color I would go for. I'd call it... I don't know yet, I'll have to get back to you on that one. Secrets and Lies? ~.~ why can't there be one word to sum that up? Full Disclosure? Yep.. gotta get back to you on that one.

One more thing that I'd like to note about the Intimate collection is Gemma. I'm not going to lie, I thought this shade of green was butt ugly. BUUUUT if you look closely, it has a blue iridescence! Absolutely lovely! Although I still don't like the green.

I put in the colors I ordered on the other side of the plate so if you want to check out these colors, shoot me an email at I'll need $1 though to cover stamps. I also have another Intimates collection one, so if you just want that collection, I have that too. Oh right.. err I know these look funny, don't worry, I'll touch them up. They don't dry flat.

So now for the more detailed version of the colors I got.

Adina: Medium purple with green iridescence. Out of all the colors I think I might like this one best. It plays up to my funky side. It may be a bit too funky for me to wear around allll the time though

Happi: Super disappointed in this one. I thought I would like it better than Reece and that it would be a softer pink, but it wasn't. Also has gold? Light green? shimmer. Glad I decided to buy Reece after all

Reece: I think this color's redeeming feature is the green iridescence that you can't really see here. I loove how it makes it a bit different from the norm. Still, I look at it and wonder how many times I'll wear it. It's just not really me.

Shivon: Oh goodness, I don't know what possessed me to buy this. At first I looked at swatches and said, I have too many polishes that look like this, and yet somehow I convinced myself to get it anyways. It appears to be a dark red with gold shimmer, but the red looks a bit cool when compared to others. This is definitely the type of color that needs to be in everybody's collection.. but I have about 5 bottles that look similar. wayy too many.
***EDIT*** now I know what possessed me. I saw a swatch and it looked totally different from mine.  am i right?! this color is so beautiful and I have nothing like it. Too bad it doesn't look like that irl.

Melanie: So I was trying to go for a light gentle pink color with this one. uh,.. yea it was way too light pink. I also originally wanted a cream, but figured, ah what the heck, and got the shimmer anyways because it seems like a color I'd like. Wrong. It's a bit translucent, so it does take a couple coats to get it more opaque. It's not a bad color though, it's like if I had it, I could use it, but ehhh.

I also got color spoons!! Oh my goodness, these things are ingenius! You just put them on your nail and you can see the color! Best part?! they're free! Well you pay for them at first, but free shipping. Afterwards, the amount you spend on them is credited back to your account. So it's like getting them free.

I got Portia, Avril, and Jaime. Oh my goodness, I wish Jaime came in a creme color because I think that's the exact pink I want. I'm temped to order a big bottle, but I stopped myself and am ordering more color spoons to make sure this is the color I want. 

If you want these three I can send them to you for $ .50, but if you also pick up one of the Intimate's color plates then I'll just throw them in for free (They don't really add to shipping).

Also, as I don't think I"ll be wearing them that much, I'll be selling off Happi and Shivon at $4 shipped each.


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