Saturday, February 19, 2011

Preorder for Yesstyle! [CLOSED]

Deadline: 2/26/2011 midnight EST
From: United States
Goal: $22/$150
Payment type: Paypal only (I'll be paying them from my paypal account in turn)

EMAIL ME if interested:
If you comment I might not know for a very long time.

Hi, long time no blog. Sooooo.. I know I owe you all a review of my Zoya nailpolishes and if I can get my lazy butt moving then hopefully I'll have it up by the end of today. Meanwhile, I've decided to order from and was wondering if anyone wanted to join me. They have a shipping fee of $9.99 unless you order $150 so I was trying to reduce some of that ^^;;. Of course this means that if you plan on ordering heavier items or more than that, you may be better off ordering yourself since the shipping from me to you may just end up costing more.

This preorder is more for those people who maybe just want to buy a shirt or a couple pieces of jewelry.
NO SERVICE FEE- because this is doing me a personal favor =). But you will have to pay for the shipping from me to you.

IF THE $150 GOAL ISN'T REACHED: the $9.99 delivery fee from them to me will be split among all participants. Of course I think it makes more sense for those with heavier things to pay more in that case.

The time for this preorder to close and payment is 1 WEEK from today. I was planning to make it a month, but who wants to wait that long? And I didn't want the items to go out of stock =/. (I really really want my item)

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