Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baking Day 3: Chocolate cupcakes, strawberry whipped cream, and butter cookies

Well, I'm on my baking streak. This time was chocolate cupcakes that I made before using the recipe from Cakes to Celebrate Love and Life book. I also stuck on some strawberry whipped cream to top and made butter cookies.

They don't look that pink, but the strawberries did give them a nice light pink color.

For the strawberry whipped cream I wanted to use a stabilized whipped cream to have it hold better, but I didn't have any gelatin so I just went with plain whipped cream. These were for my ex aptmate's dance team so I was anxious for them to eat them before the top melts. Since the cake is very rich in chocolate (it shows up black), I didn't want to put a heavy buttercream frosting on (Plus I hate buttercream and scrape it off). I just whipped a cup of heavy cream and added in approximately 4 tablespoons pureed fresh strawberries. Then put in enough powdered sugar to taste. For me I started at 1/4 cup and then added more to taste since my strawberries were sour ^^;;. The taste was very fresh and melt-in-your-mouth, awesome!

The butter cookies I got the recipe from Food Network. They were ok but.. eh too buttery for me, and just not really the flavor I was going for. Our neighbors give us these AMAZING butter cookies for xmas, and omg so good- better than the tin ones. I was looking all over for frosting recipes but they all said something like taking 15 hrs to dry! I only had about 10 min. So after going through various royal icing recipes I just decided to make my own based off of Martha Stewart's. I didn't need that much frosting so here's what I did.

1 cup of powdered sugar + a little more than a tablespoon of powdered egg whites. Add in just enough water to get a liquid consistency and put food coloring as desired. I wasn't doing flooding or anything, so stiff icing was fine. It dried in about 5-10 minutes.

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