Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Perspective and Order

Remember when I was telling you about my Ingot gold/pink nailpolish a long time ago and how it thought it was too gold? Well recently I've been growing fonder of it. Not by itself, but with a peroxide gel coat on top. The peroxide coat brings out more of the pink. I think the pink just gives it a hint of something different that lets it complement my skin tone more. Better than a plain champagne color would do. I still don't think I'd buy it again at $14 but I have no idea where to get a dupe.

Also, I'm not sure why but my pics keep posting all rotated. They're right side up on my comp. Oh well.

So my order came in a while ago, and I can't say I'm too pleased. The shirt doesn't look as I'd have expected a shirt of its price to cost. Instead it looks as if it were just cut out of a piece of cloth and crudely sewn. The hems aren't even done right, it's just folded over once and stitched. I'm scared it'll start fraying.  And what's up with this huge sleeve?! I guess it's my fault because you can't tell from the pic. I'm thinking of hemming it up either closer to the body or closer to the sleeve- I think body will be better because I'll have an airy sleeve and the rest will be more form fitting. The material is also coarse and thin. So thin you can see through it.

The bag is huge. I didn't grasp the magnitude until it arrived and my books disappeared into it. It has a super foul factory odor that makes me want to barf. I'm not one that's particularly sensitive to the slight odors from new products but this was a terrible chemical/ plastic smell. The rings as expected are cheap PU. I think the only thing I really like about it is the silky lining inside.

I read somewhere that some girl gets all her clothes from here, with this kind of quality, I have to wonder how much money she has to blow her money away.

What they're supposed to look like:


Box it comes in. Thank goodness they play down the value for customs, but if the invoice says everything costs $10, then I've been seriously overcharged! Still it's not as outrageous as GMarket. That a box 5X the size of this with things 4X the price can be $13 is quite amazing. What I have to give them props for is that my box came within ONE day of shipping. That's right, all the way from HK it took one day to get here!

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