Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Out with Zoya, in with OPI, and in with more Zoya colorspoons, LOL

I finally sold off my zoya on ebay since non of you seemed interested in picking them up. I met with an incredibly rude buyer who was trying to haggle me down. She later replied that it was because she didn't know the true value of them. LOL. aren't you supposed to check the orig price of things before trying to get people to lower their prices AFTER you won the bid? The cynical side of me (~80%) doesn't believe it.

Then I went to the mall to pick up OPI Metro Chic. Silly me, i forgot that stuff dries darker, so it's actually a shade darker than i wanted. And more purple. I wanted a color that borders purple and gray, but it's a grayed out purple. All the online swatches are so misleading, but now that i think about it, purple is hard to capture right on camera. For over $10.. i can't decide whether to keep or return. Also tried it without a top coat just to see. chipped and flaked in <24 hrs. My maybelline doesn't even chip that fast.

AND YES, EVEN MORE zoya color spoons. One has to wonder if I actually like the polishes or just the multicolored spoons. BUT, this time, I found a color that I definitely want to get, . This will be the last time I do a whole comparative swatch of all the spoons- gets a bit much to look at. Next time, I'll just select similar shades and do those comparisons. ENLARGE to see details

The shades I got this time- no flash and flash:
 L to R, Top to Bottom: Zanna, Flora, Jolene, Carmen
Indigo, Ibiza, Lauren, Brizia, Fawne, Piper

Zanna: dusty mauve?
Flora: a pink. i wish it were a shade lighter
Jolene: waaay brighter pink than I thought it would be. I'd consider it a hot pink.
Carmen: a beautious true red
Indigo: Deep Blue with multicolored glitter! Love!
Ibiza: intense deep blue, more rich hue than Indigo
Brizia: LOVE. definitely one to get, has a slight blue-ish silver-ish shimmer quality
Fawne: Dusty shimmery rose
Piper: warm medium pink

The whole family: Why so many? in case you're interested in a particular color - this can help you see all the facets of it. Or maybe the color didn't capture right in one picture, it shows that it might actually look a bit like something else.

And closeups: view color comments below.


 Indigo/ Ibiza/ yasmeen are much darker irl.
Zara is a redder purple
Buffy is slightly pink
Brizia is a tidge more brown
Fawne/ Addison are a tidge more pink and brighter
Actually, all of them are "brighter" in quality
Jolene is neon pink

So far I decided to buy Ki, Pasha, Brizia, Haley, Caresse, Delilah, Jaime, Clara, Gaia, and Indigo.


Unless they get more colors of interest, Zoya can rest easy that I won't keep ordering color spoons. Good thing they didn't add in another sample of their newest lines. Was accumulating too many and didn't know how to tell them I don't want anymore.

Til Next time!

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