Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spoons Spoons and More Spoons!

That's right, I got more. I know, at first i tried to adjust the colors so that they were truer to life (as you'll see by the different color patches, but that got difficult. ENLARGE the pictures to see the details.

Color Names: (Top row) America, Maura, Haley, Gia
(Bottom row) Pasha, Buffy, Gaia, Meadow, Yasmeen, Ki

Bottom row: Delilah, Meiko, America, Maura, Haley, Gia

Pasha: I was hoping that this was the shimmery taupe with a slight purple tint that I was looking for. It wasn't. It's clearly brown, but I think I like it so much I'll buy it anyways. It's chic.
Buffy: This color was like oh no, another off white to me, BUT it actually has a slight pink color. And as you'll see below resembles my Inglot nail polish ($14). This may be a cheaper almost dupe. Except there's less gold, more white/ pink. I'd get this to replace the Inglot. Feels like it would dent less.
Gaia: I love how this isn't just a gold shimmer, it's gold shimmer flecks, like the same thing as in Zara. Intriguing.
Zara: Purple base looks like Adina's, has same gold as Gaia.
Ki: I LOVE this color, the green isn't really visible until you tilt it, but wow, the color is just so rich. I so regret not getting this over Adina. 
Yasmeen: Dark like Ki, but with purple shimmer instead. Also pretty, just not as deep as Ki.

Meadow: On the very right. It reminds me of what people normally call "Dusty Rose" with gold mixed in. A pretty color, but I'm not as interested in getting this.

Since I was looking to find that bright warm red that I saw looked hot in a friend's picture, I decided to take pictures of what it might look like. I'm thinking Haley. It looks a bit bright, but Gia is too dark. Maura is too cool toned.

See? they look alike right?