Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Zoyas are in!

So if you didn't know, the past week was the Zoya Nail Polish Exchange. I got my 10 polishes yesterday and rushed to try them all out. Some were hits, others were misses. This time I took the pics with my sony which I feel is a bit more true to life in color tone than my Canon. All are enlargeable. Forgive my mature 30 year old looking hands...and the terrible job keeping the polish on the nails. I figured I was taking them off right after anyways so no need to be anal.

The Hurry Up Drops feel like you're putting a drop of oil on the nail. Spreads very fast. This mostly keeps the top layer from smudging all over the place (ie clothes/ sheets), but it doesn't protect it from denting the nail for a while.

 Indigo, so you can see the glitter better.

Pasha: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! It doesn't look it but it has a hint of mauve to the brown such that it gives a bit of a purple effect in some lighting. LOVE!!!!!! Very sophisticated looking color and the formula is smooth and almost opaque with one coat. More pics of Pasha on hands alone below.
Brizia: Like a lighter/ pinker version of Pasha and more subtle. Also beautiful!
Gaia: a bit too sheer. Seems like I'll need to put a white basecoat on first to avoid the streaky look. Even after 3 coats it was still a bit streaky. Pretty though..
Ki: much sheerer than I thought it was. Maybe because it's color comes more from the added shimmer than an actual base color. Once 3 layers went on though, it looked beautiful
Indigo: Gorgeous! I love the multicolored glitter, and it's dark with just one coat.

Just wanted to point out here the duochrome color effect of Ki: purple in some lights, green in others.

Delilah is such an intense glitter red! It appears cool red with one layer, but a second layer pushes it more towards true red. I want this on my toes.
Haley: When I looked at this I said "Ew" it looked like I was one of those middle school high school girls and just looked cheap and I don't know, not flattering. BUT then I decided to swatch it on all my fingers just to see the effect, and actually.. I kind of like it, look below and let me know what you think! By the way, Best application formula out of the 10 polishes is this one! SOOOOOO smooth it was like... absolutely divine- I've never experienced anything like this before. The color is so intense and with one swipe you just .. feel so happy. An additional coat solidifies a uniform distribution, and wow! would you look at that shine!
Clara: nice, subdued but a little offbeat. Great for summer- natural look (not really natural but it's a gentle color)
Caresse: cute pink
Jaime: a bit disappointed, it was too sheer so ended up streaky. The color is also two shades too light for my skin... maybe I will sell this one off. It's beautiful if you can get it to not be streaky though.

Haley: actually starting to look not too bad..

Pasha: My love

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