Tuesday, May 10, 2011

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour: Light Red Brown

So.. usually i mix my own hair color with demi-permanent color, but I thought I might change it up by trying out John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour. It's a foam that's supposed to be less messy and works like when you shampoo in something.

The package has these: I was really surprised with the quality of the packaging! Usually box colors use very disposable feeling things (Since it is basically one time use). The contents of these are very durable. I also loves that it comes with black gloves.

The before: half of my hair is one color and the other half another, lol.

It looks like this together when first mixed, then it turns a darker color later. One thing that I must note: This stuff burns you nose/ eyes!! not literally, but the fumes feel like they are. It has to be the worst out of the ones I've used. After application it goes away, but man! I thought I was going to die- literally stood under the strong bathroom fan which helped a bit.

The foam is actually from the dispenser. I could use it for soap if I wanted!

It does dye the scalp a bit but it wipes off things easily if it hasn't been there for long (unlike Clairol). So If you get dye on your ears or other parts of your skin, it's easy to just wipe it up after you're done applying.

It really does lighten hair! Took mine a level up. I have a bit of hot roots though. The shampooing technique is not working very well because I don't reach certain parts of my roots. The dye leaves a nice smell to your hair. My friend kept sniffing me and saying that I smelled good ^^.

Now it's more even =). It wasn't as red as I had hoped, but i appreciated that it lighted it. You can still see how my roots are a bit darker though- presumably areas that I didn't reach as well shampooing.

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