Saturday, December 08, 2012

Birchbox: December 2012

Got my box today, and the box itself is different!

This lotion is light, non-greasy, and the scent itself is light. It's ok. I might put it together with some other stuffs and send it to a friend as a Christmas present.

It doesn't have much coverage. From the applied dab to the right is where I rubbed it in. All my veins are still visible. This would be for someone who just needed light color correction. It's non-drying.

Can't wait to check these two out. Maybe a brief review later. EDIT: It's Leave- In heat protectant I think? Very light in texture, not especially interesting scent wise. Doesn't make hair greasy, but doesn't really improve the texture either. =/

Another Thymes lotion. It's non-greasy, and is woodsy, which I am not fond of. I checked off fruits and florals for my scent profile! Birchbox, sending someone a lotion as an extra when they have lotion (same brand)  as an item is not the smartest business. Makes the box seem like it's made of all the same stuff.

Model Co. Lipgloss! Uh... smells like cherry candy or cough syrup/ pepto bismal, something along those lines. Not so much of a gloss person anymore (there was once a time when I couldn't live without it). Funny story, before applying, I thought, "well I need a mirror, guess I have to go back to my room to apply it." LOL (there's a mirror built in on the gloss). 

It has a little bit of strings.

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