Saturday, December 08, 2012

Modcloth Hauls!

Hello lovely readers. It's been a while, but I've been thinking of you all the entire time. As things happened, a little blog post would be forming in my head. Alas, they never made it.

Today I have for you my Modcloth haul (technically it's plural). What is Modcloth? It's a terribly addictive site of things cute and retro inspired. Similar to Urban Outfitters in a sense, but there's something about shopping online that encourages me to spend more money -___-. It's not cheap. (Pssst, use my referral link for a $15 discount, I get one too!).

Not all the pictures are up, hopefully by next week if not tomorrow.

For my first lot, I picked up a coat. cardigan, and dress.

Prim the Know Coat- It's a lot heavier than it looks and the material is coarse. Perhaps it's the sizing, but this doesn't fit me as proportionally as the stock image. I'm thinking of resewing the buttons so that the coat closes more snugly. Unfortunately there's a balance to be reached because too far over and it can end up looking asymmetrical. I'm a 2 usually (sometimes a 3-4 for bottoms). The site says that a 2-4 is a small so I picked up the S (don't think they make this coat in XS either, as the option was not shown). My shoulders are slightly broad and the coat fits fine in that area, it's the waist that is noticeably loose.

Return of the Macchiato Cardigan- A light cardigan. I like it, not too much more to be said on the subject.

Say Hi-Low to your Little Dress- This one is a small as well. I do wonder how an XS would fit, but for all intensive purposes it looks ok. Unfortunately it's too cold to wear it out now.

And then they spammed my email box about 50% off new arrivals... My order with the dresses was supposed to have shipped first, but it arrived at the post office 6 hours later than the other on a Saturday and missed being delivered.

Catalogue Your Dots Dress- Wow, they tell you to size up so I stuck with an S (2-4 is an S, I'm normally a 2). The waist is fine, but the chest area is sooo tight. It's really cute and figure flattering. I need to lose 5-10 lbs to really be comfortable in this though. The material wrinkles easily, so I'm not sure it's worth its price tag. This is, however, a very nice dress and I'm not too keen on parting with it...must stop eating so much.

Precious Petals Dress- Gorgeous silhouette and the pattern is lovely. My only issue with the dress make is that the gold part (shinier than in photos) is extremely rough and scratchy. Not very comfortable to wear. I also got this in an S (smallest size there) so it's a bit loose. You won't be able to wear a bra with this one, unless you get a low back bra.

Opus and Dreams Dress- LOVE! The asymmetrical part is my favorite. It has boning on the sides and padding in the cup area. Again, the smallest size was an S, so it's large on me. I'll need to alter it to get it to fit securely (don't want wardrobe malfunctions >.<). And now to find an event to wear it to.

 Isn't Sheath Lovely- extremely comfortable! This was an S too, but I can't keep it because the back wrinkles up =/

Cool with Me Top in Cola- At first it looked nowhere near its supposed $32 value. Then I put it on and it is perfect. Well, in concept. Loved the design, but again I was having issues with fit. Ordered a small because usually that's what I have to get for anything involving sleeves. The cap sleeves extended a bit further than needed, but the sad part is that there was all this extra fabric in the chest and back areas. It must be because of the sizing. Otherwise, I love the top, especially the slit and bead buttons in the back. Such a cute detail! Now it seems to be sold out = (. I have to wrestle some more about whether to return, or try altering it.

Pearl After My Own Heart Earrings in Berry- These are so cute! Don't regret ordering them at all

To Goldly Bow Heel- These look a bit iffy in the photo already, but I ignored my senses and ordered them anyways. Total fail. Love the gold piece on the heel. The heel is too high for me, and the front pinches in a lot.  My toes don't bend that way. Back you go!

Interview with a Glam-Pire Shoes- ooooo..... Got these as part of the 50% off new arrivals thing. They're so beautiful *-*. Retro inspired, made of suede. The front is a little tight, but over time it should loosen up. The shoe sole has significant ridges for traction.

They sent me some hair clips for free- cute!

A good thing about ModCloth is that returns are free as well, so you don't have to worry about spending so much and not liking the item.

ModCloth keeps adding new things. I can't constantly stalk their site or I'll become poor.

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