Friday, December 07, 2012

Sample Society: December 2012

Hi all, sorry I've been missing a few posts. Last month, the box was really unmotivating. The only thing that was useful was the L'Occitane deluxe sample. It was the one for dry skin. The lipstick was a terrible color on my lips (although moisturizing). I took pictures, but there is absolutely no motivation to post them.

This month's is better. I don't have enough time to do a full review and all, but at least you can see what's in the box!

EDIT: Tried the Philosophy 3 in one shampoo-body wash- something else thing. It does cleanse hair and is gentle. There's not really much lathering. Nothing too interesting scent wise. This is a good travel product. Not necessarily something I'd want to make a staple.

They included Hanskin. Can't remember if I've reviewed it (Edit: I have, HERE), but the one in the box (two on the left) looked strangely familiar so I dug through my stash. Yep, a very similar looking Hanskin BB cream sample (Mine from a while back is on the right)!

The thing I love most about Hanskin is that they have a pointed applicator. It just looks like it dispenses cleaner.

The one I've had is on the left, and the one in the box is on the right.

The eye creme is in an eyedropper looking bottle. It comes out more like a serum, and has shimmer o_O

A bit excited to try this out.

It looks like you're supposed to cut the top off or something, but actually there's already an opening near the tip. It acts as an applicator.

I've liked Vapour since the lipstick I got in my Birchbox. When I tried applying it... it all squirted out the back. It seems like it's strawberry flavored? Not a 100% fan of the product.

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