Sunday, February 21, 2010

Untruthful Sellers on the Internet

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Ok so this topic has actually been bothering me for an incredibly long time, but recently I've had an experience that was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. I just can't take it anymore, I have to write about it!

A lot of these sellers that sell online, they totally take their customers for fools! It shows that there is absolutely no respect from the seller for the customer. An absolute disgrace and abomination to sellers everywhere. I can't even express how utterly disgusted I am.

Now I'm not talking about hiking prices up or anything like that. You know, they sell at the price they want to sell, and if people buy from them then that's their business. What I'm talking about is doing things that are so underhanded. Literally cheating their customers.

One seller that I saw claimed that the conversion rate for Taiwan Dollars to US dollars was 25 NT/ $1 US. YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT DO THIS KIND OF THING TO PEOPLE. Now you may just think, well that's just the customer's fault for not checking, but that's not it! These customers trust that the seller knows best. In addition, If you don't pay the rate according to their conversion rate, then of course they won't give you the items. The true NT rate is actually about 30-35 NT/ $1 US, So you can see how it would make a difference! Instead, sellers should be up front and say that they're charging a service fee. Actually this person does have another service fee. They should properly list and say that they charge an exhorbant service fee. Sure the customers might think worse of you, but at least you'd be an honest seller.

And then there are sellers who charge a lot claiming that it's shipping fee. Although I know that shipping can cost a lot, being a seller myself, I don't think packaging with bubble wrap, envelopes and everything should cost more than $1. Oh right, and for people's information, delivery confirmation only costs about $.19 when people pay via paypal! Although, when people pay at the post office, it's more, about $1.40 or so, yea pretty expensive. So when people claim that delivery confirmation is $1, then you should carefully see how they are paying for the package. In my opinion, people should clearly say what each fee and payment is for. If you want to cheat people out of their money, you should make the price of the item higher or say straight up front that you charge a higher service fee.

There are a couple more instances of this kind of trickery, but at the moment none of them makes me too heated. I'm sure I'll come up with more later though.

Stay safe and watch out for tricky sellers. My opinion, get the seller to state exactly what their fees are. Even if you are willing to pay the amount, I think a proper division of fees is appropriate. Make sure random service fees are clearly stated, and not brushed off as some currency conversion or delivery confirmation.

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