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BB Cream Battle!: BRTC

My samples finally arrived ^^. This post took so long because I wanted to properly take the time to test out the products over the course of a day and see how they fared.

In this post I review 3 BB creams from the well known BRTC!

BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream spf30

     I picked this one first because I had just finished washing my face and this promises to whiten, repair wrinkles, and replenish water. Key is replenish water.

Coverage: Very good. it's better than probably all the other BB creams I've tried. I have some very bad scars and breakouts this time around as well and it's concealed them 90%. Medium High- High coverage. Haha, I just noticed, but if you look at my initial and 4 hour picture, there is a splotch on my cheek. This shows that the coverage is pretty noticeable. When I applied the cream, my cheeks were the same color, but after going outside, the difference between the now redder cheeks and the BB cream is more apparent. It wears away a little bit through the day, but that is normal.

Texture: Thicker BB cream, not hard to spread/ pat on at all. You can still tell a bit that my skin is dry in areas (the lighter bb cream sinks into the cracks), but it's much better than when I use Etude House Magic BB Balm.

Color: This has a whitening component, so it is lighter than my skin color. You can see this in the swatch pictures, my skin is ghastly white in some areas.

Overall: There isn't a strong scent, it covers well, and color isn't too orange. Since it is a product with more coverage, I suggest applying a thin layer over the whole face (building up where necessary) and then adding blush for a hint of color. Personally I don't need a ghost white face, so I'll mix in a little bit of the warmer toned Skin Food Aloe Sun #2 to get a better color. Skin Food Aloe Sun was practically the perfect shade when I bought it, but it seems like recently my face color has lightened back to match the rest of me (it had strangely gotten one to two shades darker than my neck at one point- never happened before) Right now I'm liking this product. I don't find it to be an HG product, but I wouldn't mind having it in my makeup box for those times when thicker coverage is necessary.

BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream Spf 50

Coverage: Decent, not as strong as the Jasmine Water BB. It covers my scars about 50% so I would consider this medium coverage. Still, you can see the difference in color where I've applied and where I haven't. It's obvious on pinker cheeks as well.

Texture: Thinner than the Jasmine Water, but thicker than Missha's No. 23 BB. It's considered a thicker consistency, but I don't feel like anything's caked on my skin. The product unfortunately does settle into the cracks of my dry skin and is visible (less obvious than the Etude House Magic BB Balm still). I don't feel like it's drying out my skin per se, just not hydrating it any.

Color: The color of the Gold Caviar is much more suited to my skin compared to the Jasmine Water. It is darker/ warmer in tone, but not too orange.

Overall: I think this can be a very nice BB cream for some people- it also has high spf. But due to it sinking into my dry skin cracks (and being obvious) and not having quite as strong of a coverage, I think I would not invest in buying this BB cream for my skin. You do notice it "blending" into my skin over time, however, which  is desireable- but there is less and less coverage.

BRTC Whitening & Repairing- spf 37

Coverage: This one has decent coverage, more than the Gold Caviar and on par with the Jasmine Water. I consider it Medium -High

Texture: Applies smoothly, like the other BRTC creams is a little on the thick side (but not caking your face thick). A little drying on my face and shows off my dry skin. It may be even more drying than my Etude House Magic BB Balm. The most drying of the BRTC trio in this post imo.

Color: Due to the Whitening part, it is lighter than my natural skin color. It has much less of a ghastly effect than the Jasmine Water. I do see some brightening qualities that it has given my skin, I prefer the coloring over the Gold Caviar.

Overall: I like the coloring of this bb over the other two and it has good coverage, but the drying effect makes it something that I would not purchase.

Final Comments: Please note that this is all based on my skin. Products that work for me might not work for you and vice versa.
     The Jasmine Water was least drying/ showed off my dry skin less, the Golden Caviar matched my neutral skin best (maybe a hint of warmer quality, but really only a teensy hint), and I loved the color and coverage of the Whitening &Repairing.
     Overall, I do find BRTC bb creams to be thicker than that of Missha and Skinfood (the ones that I've tried), they may be on par with Etude House's Precious Minerals though. Don't be mistaken- when I heard they were thick, I was imagining some horrible caked on feeling, and that is not the case with these. My skin feels like there is nothing on it.
     I wouldn't mind having the Jasmine Water BB - I can mix colors with Skinfood's Aloe Sun to get it a shade warmer/ darker, but as to whether I would go and buy it I'm just not sure. Gold Caviar I found is not suited to my needs and therefore I won't be purchasing. I would buy the Whitening & Repairing except I think it's formulated for those with oily skin (and right now mine is going through a dry phase so it shows off all the cracks).
     Didn't notice any scents to these, and the plus is that they all have spf ^^. They also seem to be good at concealing red/ slight skin discolorations.

I've made a chart to help concise my thoughts. The colors are just to show MY preferences based on MY skin.

                              Jasmine Water          Gold Caviar            Whitening & Repair
Conceals Redness            X                           X                                    X
Thickness                 Med-High                     Medium                       Med-High
Color                          Whitest                Warmest/ Med-Fair           Fair/ Med-Fair
Drying Power     Neutral/ Least Drying     Slightly Drying                     Drying
Coverage                 Med-High                     Medium                         Med-High
Likely to buy?        Maybe/Not?                      No                                 No

As you can see, they weren't exactly what I wanted.

This is the reason why I highly recommend trying out the BB creams before you invest in a whole tube. Although the samples can get pricey (I spent quite a bit getting samples), it's nothing compared to the disappointment of having a left over tube of something that you can't use after you've shelled out $12-30.

*As you can see, I have a couple samples left of each after my little experiment. If you think that any of these may be suited to your skin and you want to try it out, go ahead and email me at I will send them for $1 each + shipping. If you live in USA, I can tell you that it'll be $0.50 to ship an envelope- and we'll just have to see how many I can fit in there. If there are any other BB creams that I've posted about that you would like to sample, let me know as well.* Note: Jasmine Water is sold out.

Picture: All were applied after moisturizing my face. The shades are off due to lighting being different at different times of the day (which is why I have the bare faced shot to help with seeing before and afters. Photos alternate between Flash and Non Flash. Non Flash pictures weren't taken for a set because I deemed it too dark to see anything useful without the flash. These photos will be more helpful as BB cream coverage comparisons. CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE!

Wow... you must all have a hideous monster pictured when you think of me. I really do show you my ugliest moments -___-. Well, for the sake of proper swatch reviews.

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