Saturday, February 04, 2012

Skinfood Salmon Concealer #2

I found it! Hahaha. Quick review/ swatch on the Skinfood Salmon Concealer. THIS STUFF IS MAGIC! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

     Back to the story. So after I had gotten my BB cream from the Skinfood salesperson, I decided to go after the salmon concealer. Only... I didn't know how to say it. So I told her I wanted the stuff for under your eyes. She asked me if it was eye cream, and I said no. Then she asked if it's the stuff to cover up under the eyes, and demonstrated the product. As soon as I saw it I knew that was it. The only concern I had at the time is that when she was putting it on her skin it looked really orange. This is when my mom decides to butt in. Even after I had just told the lady this is what I want, mom kept arguing and was like: No, she wants the eye cream. NO! I didn't want the eye cream because they hardly work, and if they do work they don't work fast enough- we're better off using hemorrhoid cream. So then she continues hindering me getting this product and long story short it was this long embarrassing mess.
     Since I was concerned about the color, I asked the sales person about it (since there is a lighter colored version) but she assured me that this was the color I wanted.
     My embarrassment didn't end. The whole time my brother was whining, and at the checkout when they were giving me samples he complains "how come I don't get any". Really? Really?? REALLY? Can someone just give me a bag so I can cover my face out of shame?! I can't believe my mom didn't even say anything- NOTHING to correct his childish behavior. I should note that he's 20 and DEFINITELY old enough to know better. The sales people were very gracious and hurried to provide a couple samples for him. There are really just no words.

Back to the product. I got home and tried it out. Wow! As soon as I dabbed it on, it was like photoshopping away my circles! Appeared to be the EXACT same color as my skin. Upon closer inspection, it is a tidge more orange so I think this is definitely going to still work on those of you with warmer skin tones (remember I'm more neutral). For those who are clearly more yellow, and paler, you may want to look into the other color. Remember what I said in the BB cream post about how it's best to find a sales associate if you can. I know, it's annoying, but really it's worth it. It's hard to judge which color is best. I have pretty bad circles so the salmon color really helps.
     Texture is not too dry/oily. Didn't flake on me after a whole day's use. Best part is that you only need a little dab if you can see- I didn't use that much. I considered getting a backup right away, but then thought this would last a while and better to get a fresh product.
     The product has a hint of shimmer- probably light dispersion to help with the illusion to make circles go away, but it's not very noticeable. To take extra precautions, I would just take your application finger (shouldn't have much product left on it) and continue rubbing under the eye all the way onto the cheek. Just in case the light hits it funny.

     I don't use this when I step into work though because I'm trying to seem older (baby face ahhh), hahaha. I use it when... there is someone to impress ^^;; (don't want to look like an old hag right?)


For some reason, the flash makes my circles look not as bad as they are. It's easier to see the change in the non flash pictures. Some darkness after application, but I think a lot of that is just the light/shadows working on my undereye bags in the photo. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

'Til Next Time!

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