Saturday, February 18, 2012

Missha Eye & Lip Color: New M Luminous Color Lip Rouge & Signature Glam Art Rouge

Ok... I posted a Missha haul and said I'd review the items, but I decided to return the eyeshadows so I can't do swatches. I returned them because they were more shimmery than I thought and I already have similar colors. It seems I really need to look for matte shadows. I did however take photos of them, so you can have another reference picture other than the manufacturer's.

The packaging is super cute! The eyeshadow compacts are made of sturdy plastic. I had to double check that they weren't metallic. I picked up The Style Silky Shadow Duo (No.7 Sandblown), The Style Metallic Shadow (BE01), Signature Velvet Art Shadow No.4 Brown combination, and Signature Velvet Art Shadow No.9 Minimal combination. I had thought the BE01 would be a couple shades darker, and the Sandblown Duo is much warmer in tone than I imagined.

For the eyeshadow palettes, They're really well put together with instruction sheets. I don't know if it's the new one, but the one with foldout application instruction is in color and has instructions for 5 palettes- also in english, whereas the other is in korean. These eyeshadow palettes have mirrors in the compacts, and they come with a double ended sponge tip applicator- I just removed the plastic tray on top of the shadows that did contain the applicators.

Missha New M Luminous Color Lip Rouge- #RD702

Color is cooler in the tube, but warm upon application. The texture is not overly creamy, but not drying either. It can be a powerful red, but I applied this lightly to go out and it was impactful without being overbearing. Even after eating and drinking there was a distinct red tint to my lips. In the swatch I didn't quite get it evenly, forgive me?

Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge- #SPK101

Color is light pink, but not milky pink (which is what I was kind of going for >.<). I did have a photo of it only half on my lips but it's kind of hard to tell. This is a creamy gentle pink which I actually can see myself wearing every once in a while for a pop of color. It doesn't sink into the lip folds which is a bonus.

Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge- #SRD701

The color is very close to the RD702, but warmer looking, it has glitter in it. I opted to return this one because I do have similar lip colors already.

Lip balm was applied before using these products.

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