Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BB Creams Take Over America!

Recently, BB creams have been popping up from what seems like every company. Drugstore (Garnier, Maybelline) or not. This is the main page for BB creams on Sephora's website. ARE THEY THE SAME?! That is the money maker question. Seriously.

Well as you can see, BB creams are being marketed here as tinted moisturizers. While similar, originally they were supposed to contain ingredients that assist in healing the skin (whether korean companies adhere to this or not I have no idea). Knowing America, most things don't translate well internationally, and I just couldn't shake the feeling that these products aren't the same stuff. Unfortunately I forgot to try them out at my last visit to sephora (when I go back I'll let you know how it goes). I've also read reviews of some people saying that the formula is more watery and just not good.

Smashbox's commercial market's this as a 5-in-1 product that helps you to prime your face as well. Yes, they're using this BB cream as a BASE for foundation. The BB cream we love is meant to be used on its own.  What's the point of having it if you're just going to slap foundation on top.

Luckily for us, the Muse has explored this topic a while ago (hopefully she won't mind me quoting her here)

"BB Cream/Blemish Balm Creams
  • Has Soothing, Healing Properties
  • May have whitening benefits depending on the brand you purchase.
  • Is suitable for most skin types (dry, oily, combination) although you can purchase specific BB’s to address your needs.
  • Very limited number of shades at best two color selections if you’re lucky.
  • Contains SPF of 35 and higher (most cases higher SPF are found in BB Creams that are purchased in Korea).
  • Has anti-aging ingredients.
  • Works as a foundation and concealer plus a moisturizer so no other base products are needed.
  • Pigmented, Thick, Creamy yet lightweight and breathable are some characters of a good BB Cream
  • Tends to not oxidize or fade away quickly (I’ve seen 8 hours or longer of wear time with a good BB Cream).
  • Very cheap (in Asia BB Creams have prices that start as little as $10)
Tinted Moisturizer
  • Normally a thin consistency compared to a thicker, creamy formula of a BB.
  • Has a range of shades to choose from (unlike BB Creams you’ll find better color matches with TM’s).
  • Available in drugstores and at high end counters (If you’re not in Asia, BB Creams are only available via high end brands so far. Hopefully drugstores will catch up soon).
  • No anti-aging ingredients (very rare for TM’s to have any anti-aging benefits).
  • No whitening benefits.
  • Lightweight formula but lacks pigmentation (BB Creams remain lightweight and are pigmented versus TM which have very minimal color pay off).
  • Normally have short wear times (I find TM’s oxidize and fade fairly quickly).
  • Very expensive (TM’s sometimes prove more expensive than foundations!)
  • Low SPF (SPF 15-30 versus BB Creams that start at 30 and go as high as 40 or more)."
Visit her blog HERE to read more on what she has to say.

I have to agree with her that tinted moisturizers are expensive. The ones I've pictured are almost $40. Why would I want to pay double or more for a product that is less effective. I will have to test it out myself, but it seems like these are thinner in consistency and coverage than BB creams in asia. Even with shipping, mine from korean come out much cheaper.

Have you experienced the BB creams being released in the US? Share with us- did you like it? How do you use it?

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