Sunday, October 14, 2012

Slice of My Life: Awesome Day!

Thank you so much Birchbox for an awesome day!

     For starters I used the Liqwd Silk conditioner in the October Birchbox, and my damaged, tangled, frizzy hair became completely smooth and silky. There were only minimal stray hairs, and no excess volume. I honestly believe this was what formed the basis of my great day. For the few weeks prior, I've been struggling with my hair which suddenly became extremely frizzy and unmanageable. Today, I strutted around like I owned the world- not having to worry about such things.

     I had overslept (stayed up til 3 am trying to alter a pair of pants. Didn't hear my alarm), so the morning was filled with rushing. Didn't even have to worry about the hair. Put together an outfit (just finished altering the cowl? neck to be higher and less scandalous last night X_X).

     Harvey Prince's Eau Flirt (also from October BB) was barely on before I was out the door. For some reason this scent just jives with me. It says it's supposed to flirt for you and attract men and all, but it's me that's constantly sniffing instead, haha. I'm quite manly sometimes, so maybe it appeals to my mannish side >.>  As the day progressed, I just found myself feeling quite fabulous and powerful. It must be this perfume. There is no other explanation. There was no particular event that made this an awesome day, I was just feeling confident and fabulous in general.

     Of course little things did go wrong, like they always do in life, but it was like I couldn't be phased (just because of some conditioner and perfume, ha!). Because I was running late, I missed the Sunday school class on Ecclesiastes for the second week in a row. That was particularly upsetting since it's a class I look forward to, but what can you do.

     Later we went out to eat pho and when we got back to church a friend and I stood outside chatting for a little long while. This is where my little joke about the Harvey Prince Eau Flirt perfume comes in. As we are chatting, someone meanders over from far away and comes to introduce himself. Hey hey! You never know, it could be that little bits of the perfume wafted over in that direction XD. Perhaps it's my overabundance of charm? *strokes imaginary beard* muahahaha! Just kidding. This one has no charm, lol. (pst, it's nice shaking hands with some else who has a firm handshake. Most people just present the old lady or limp fish hand, and that is an awkward shaking experience). He asked if I had been to the church before since he had seen me around a couple times before. Lol, I've pretty much been going almost every single week for 10 years- if you haven't seen me around then it's strange.

     We then all migrated over to another small group. As we were walking, he complimented my friend and me on our shoes. I don't know about you all, but that just immediately seems strange to me. There's something about that that just isn't normal for everyday life, haha. Anyways, I could feel that my eyeliner was about at the end of its life, so I asked my friend if it had smudged yet. She told me no. When I got back in my car, it was like a Halloween monster was staring back. The eyeliner had smudged down into some scary form X_X. When you ask people if your eyeliner's smudged, make sure it's someone that's not afraid to tell it like it is. Not only that, but I had a small booger in my nostril X_X. Total embarrassment and shame. True, I am kind of sick, so my nose was running the whole day, but please let me know ahead of time so I don't embarrass myself.

     Or maybe you would rather not have people comment if you have something embarrassing going on? If you had a booger sticking out, toilet paper on your shoe, clothes inside out, or something else going on, would you want someone to tell you (discreetly of course) or would your rather they pretend they don't see it? My thing is, if you don't tell me beforehand as a friend, then I end up looking like a fool in front of random other people.

     Anyone have any good recommendations for good eyeliners that stay put? Pretty much no pencil eyeliner works for me, gel is what has stuck on the longest. Unfortunately my eyes adjust and become even oilier = smudged liner. I've tried coastal scents, Tony Moly, L'oreal HiP, and Inglot. Right now I'm using Inglot. Inglot and L'oreal HiP have been what I find to stay on longest.

Still, even with all the above going on it feels like a pretty nice day =D.
I also took off the youthful Nova and replaced it with Zoya's more grown up Marina. Which I'm wearing for the very first time. Yay!

And a pic. It looks better in real life (or maybe just in my head =P). I'm not photogenic, and there is random stuff on my mirror.

'Til next time!

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