Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Zoya Limited Edition Gilty Pleasures Set

It finally arrived today!! Along with a cute little bottle of Remover+. This is perfect because I've always wanted to try it, but since I buy when there's promos, this is never included.

The set comes in a plastic sealed box. It looks like how you would see it in a store or something, lol.

After you take off the outer paper box, the gift box is inside. Mine has a few scratches, but I'm not too upset. They'd be there sooner or later anyways.

The box closes via magnet, which is quite nifty. The set comes with a little pamphlet on the set and what other colors you can pair it with. Truthfully, I wish they would let you pick which other two colors you wanted to put in the set. There is a swatch of Purity, Frida, and Gilty that I thought would be cute for Easter.

Apologies for the messy swatches, had to do them with non-dominate hand since hangnails have resulted in me being declawed. >_<

Raven: A black with silver shimmer. I was afraid there would be too much silver, making this a more gray color, but that isn't the case at all. The silver shimmers are barely noticeable.

Purity: It reminds me of heavy cream. That's the first thing I thought of when I opened this. It is pretty opaque, but there are some bare spots which can be concealed with a second coat.

Both Raven and Purity are actually quite thick formula wise for some reason. I put Zoya's Gaia on top of Purity (long been saying that I needed an opaque basecoat under Gaia), but the effect is barely noticeable.

Below (left to right): Raven, Purity, Purity+ Gaia

Below: Closeup of Raven.

Below: Closeup of Purity + Gaia

Gilty on top of Raven doesn't look that impressive in the photo, but in real life it is quite stunning. This is one of the cases where photos don't do the swatch justice. The effect is elegant and ornate. It works as a more chic version of Halloween colors too. White looks good on some people, I am not one of those people, lol.

Remover+ works pretty well. It smells slightly of lavender? I used it to clean up after making a mess with superglue (broke camera and had to fix it T-T).

What other colors would be good under Gilty? Drop some ideas below!

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