Friday, October 19, 2012

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring: No.4 Wine Red

I recently reviewed Etude House's No.7 Mocha Pink Bubble Hair Color. That time the dyeing experience was wonderful, but the color was less than wonderful. This time, the dyeing experience was puzzling, but the color is tolerable.

The way the Mocha Pink was fading was very unattractive. There were strange streaks in my hair and the back had a darker patch. I decided to try the Wine Red out. As Tabitha says on Tabitha's Salon Takeover- Color removes color. Hopefully this does something for my hair color.

Last time I said the bottle doesn't fit in the hole that the box has. This is an illustration of what I meant.

The color is a bit darker than last time (I'm scared!).

The dye turned purple! A promising color.
I must have done something wrong mixing the color this time. The bubbles were very runny- barely any bubbles. Last time I said I had the best application yet. This time was the messiest application yet. Dye was splashed all over my bathroom. I was thinking "Good thing it didn't get on the white towels", looked closer and yep, saw dye on the towels -___-. If you wash it off quickly, it comes off.

Don't be fooled, the dye stains very orange. My floor can attest to that.

The results? Well I didn't put the dye on too long this time. Maybe 15-20 minutes? Then I tried my best to get as much dye out as possible. I even shampooed this time. Huh. The shampoo made my hair silkier immediately. The hair must have been so damaged that anything added makes your hair feel nicer. Then I used the Sebatian conditioner which stripped out more color. Finally, I finished with the silk treatment in the box. Wow, it really makes it so much silkier. 

Haha, oops, guess I didn't cover everything well (no bubbles, couldn't really treat it like shampooing experience), because some areas along my part (~.5cm) are undyed.


After Dyeing:

At least it's not so dark this time =), and there is a reddish sheen. If I left it on longer, there would probably been a more intense red color.

'Til next time!

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