Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Masks

Today I'm bringing you into the land of sleeping masks! You've all heard how a little wine is good for you, and it has been used previously in facial masks. Holika Holika has taken that and made this sleeping mask.

The interesting purple box is just some more uninteresting cotton pads.

The packaging is made to look like wine barrels.

Red Wine- Contains 10% red wine. Jelly type of texture. If you make a hole in it, the jelly quickly reforms back to a smooth surface. This smells sooo yummy- you just want to eat it. It comes with a clear spatula (not pictured) for those of you who may be germ conscious. It is sticky after applied which makes it less than ideal. When you wash it off the next morning, there is a film like substance that comes off.

White Wine- Contains 10% white wine. Supposed to brighten your skin. Lotion type of texture. Smells even better than the Red Wine. This one doesn't leave as sticky of a residue, and it doesn't feel like anything's coming off when you wash the next morning.

Overall, these are interesting products probably best used as a novelty item. I didn't see any immediate changes from using this product. The main thing is that they smell really delicious.

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